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According to Christianity, God will send an atheist who lived a just, loving, and generous life to hell while sending to heaven a serial rapist/murderer who confessed his sins immediately before dying. It is incumbent on conscientious people everywhere to hunt down this god and kill it.

The story of the Garden of Eden is not so much about the Fall of Man as it is about the Fall of God – for becoming entangled in such foolishness.

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Christianity : It doesn’t matter so much how you live your life, it’s whether you believe in a conceived-without-sex god-man zombie and self-propelled astronaut referenced in an ancient, highly-contradictory, politically-compiled book bereft of any original manuscripts that was authored in foreign lands and in foreign languages decades after the fact by unknown non-eyewitnesses, and interpolated and edited for centuries by error-prone, agenda-laden scribes, then manipulatively translated by ardent believers and preached by cherry-picking pastors.

God loves you!! 

(but will torture you if you don’t love him back)

Faith is the selling point of a fraudulent product. 


Any god that demands worship is not worthy of it.

If you have to fight science to defend your faith, it’s a good clue that there is something seriously wrong with your faith.

Christian:  Why don’t you believe?

Atheist:  Because snakes don’t talk, people don’t turn to salt, seas don’t part, the earth doesn’t stop rotating, whales don’t run hotels, virgins don’t give birth, people don’t walk on water, and dead people don’t come back to life.

Christian:  Oh…..I see.

Non-Christian: “What do Christians believe?”

Christian: “An omniscient being sent his son to be killed in order to save humanity from his own wrath, and eating that son’s flesh, transmogrified by the words of a special person into a cracker, gives everlasting life.”

Non-Christian: “Oh, OK.” (backs away slowly)

It all fell apart when I realized I was more loving than the god I was supposed to worship.

How could a book with written instructions for owning people, murdering gays, silencing women, killing naughty children, promoting bloodthirsty religious warfare, and threatening eternal torture become the world’s most revered book? It is BEYOND astonishing.

Boiled down, Christianity is a cult celebrating human sacrifice.

If there really was an all-powerful, all-seeing God who was intimately involved in every human life, answering prayers and so forth, it would be…let me think…oh yeah- OBVIOUS.

It is proclaimed that all humanity is born in disgrace and deserving of eternal torture by way of an ancient curse. But believing in the significance of a vicarious blood sacrifice and conceding our lives to “mysterious ways” guarantees pain-free, conspicuously opulent immortality.

Christianity in one sentence: Mary was impregnated by her own son so that he could be born in order to have himself killed so he could save humanity from himself.

You just might be believing in mythology if your religion contains one or more of the following:

1: Human or animal sacrifices
2: Moral values that reflect the needs and wants of a primitive culture
3: Instructions to hurt, kill or look down on other people
4: Reasons to look down on yourself
5: Encouragement to abandon family ties
6: Scientifically inaccurate statements
7: Magical beings, powers or events that no longer exist
8. A holy book with dubious authorship
9. Threatened punishment for non-followers
10. Elements borrowed from previous mythologies
11. Emphasis on beliefs over actions
12. A deity that expresses human emotions
13. Instructions for the enslavement of other humans
14. Punishment of homosexuals or related
15. Identifies a ‘chosen people’
16. Sexism and misogyny
17. Practices genital mutilation
18. Demands unconditional worship

The road to atheism is littered with bibles that have been read cover to cover.

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Christian indoctrination has the effect of raping a human mind and holding it hostage against a threat of severe and endless suffering.

Religious people tend to be insecure about their beliefs. Rational people don’t need to meet every week to remind themselves that science works.

It should be obvious to anyone possessing a functional mind that if God was invested in dividing dead humans into two groups- one heaven-bound and the other hell-bound, that he would have left humanity with a book possessing impeccable credentials, such that we would know FOR SURE exactly what Jesus said. On the other hand, if this was just a disorganized project of many human minds, we would expect to not be sure of anything that he said- as is the case.

There isn’t a man alive whose god disagrees with him.

If God loves bad theists and hates good atheists, it’s probably in our best interest not to go to heaven. He seems to have a twisted sense of morality.

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It takes an effort to back away from the indoctrination that most Christians have suffered through to see this religion for what it really is- a poorly evidenced, over-promised scam to control people’s emotions, lives, and finances for the gain of a select few. Meanwhile raping people of a genuine and full experience of all that life has to offer.

There is a long history of Christianity teaching bigotry as part of its dogma. Gays have been at best shunned, but often arrested or even killed for the victimless crime of loving the wrong person.

Religion is a smart business idea. They sell an invisible product, and if it doesn’t work, they blame it on the customer.

Christian theology is incoherent to the point of absurdity. God killing his son so he can forgive our future sin is like me breaking my son’s legs so I can forgive my neighbor in case she ever parks her car on my drive. It is quite ridiculous.
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God: ‘No you can’t have any other beliefs besides me. If you don’t accept me you will burn in the fires of hell for all eternity. Nothing you own is yours, I gave everything to you. Oh and also I’ll never actually reveal myself to you or give you a shred of evidence, you just have to believe.’

God sends humanity a confusing message and then promises to punish those who don’t understand it.

If there is a god of any kind – it would want you to be kind, fair, giving, and help your neighbor. If you did those things, and it was a just and loving god, that would be enough.

Any other rules are made by man to enforce systems of behavior and power.

If there is no god, you should be kind, fair, giving, and help your neighbor.

So the existence of something we have no way to prove is kind of irrelevant. Be a good person and do your best to make society better. In the end, you’ll win either way.

Religion anesthetizes the brain’s critical thinking circuits.

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So God is both hidden and eager for us to know him? You may want to recheck that.

A disbelief in the Christian god is valid because if this god was real, we would be living in a different world- a world of miracles, a world devoid of intense suffering, a world where prayers worked, a world where demons were a real and present danger, a world where scripture was precise, forward-looking, and ultimately relevant to the modern day, in which slavery was prohibited, where women’s rights were heralded, where homosexuals were esteemed, and in which science unknown to humans at the time was revealed. Instead, we live in a world that is PRECISELY what we would expect to see if there was no god, or at least no god that interfered with or took any focused interest in the affairs of this planet. Given the above, it is safe to say, for all practical purposes, THERE IS NO GOD.

If God existed, it would be a narcissistic, sociopathic little brat standing over an anthill with a magnifying glass.

God impregnated an underaged teen without prior consent from her, her parents,  or her fiancée. 

If I can forgive others without killing my child, why can’t God?

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God reminds me of a man who gets a puppy, tells it not to pee on the carpet, flies into a rage when it does, hurls it outside to be abandoned forever — and then considers himself the victim.

The entire basis for Christianity is God impregnating a teenager without her consent for the purpose of killing his own child.

In a sane world, there would be no atheists. Because in a sane world there would be no religion.

An omniscient being sent his son to be killed in order to save humanity from his own wrath, and eating that son’s flesh, transmogrified by the words of a special person into a cracker, gives everlasting life. Uh….OK (backs away slowly)

Buy a Bible, don’t read it, and you will become a Catholic.

Buy a Bible, read what suits you and you will be evangelical.

Buy a Bible, read it entirely, analyze it, reason it … and you will become an atheist

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“All Jesus had to say is ‘The world is round, and there’s Indians’ and I would have bought into the whole fucking thing” – Ron Bennington

You can make a souffle with the finest truffles, but if it has just one cockroach in it, it is a cockroach souffle. Similarly, if just one verse in the Bible supports slavery, then the Bible supports slavery.

Someone who spends 99.9% of their life bringing misery and suffering to the world yet who has a deathbed conversion and “finds Jesus” at the last minute will spend eternity in Heaven. Someone who is not a Christian and spends their entire life sacrificing their own well-being to care for others and to reduce the suffering of the world will spend eternity in Hell being tortured by Satan.

How can you say this is an all-loving god if anytime you question him in the slightest, he just dooms you to an eternity (with no second chances) of suffering? At this point, helping Satan overthrow this dictator would make more sense.

Anyone who worships a god who plans to bring dead people back to life for no purpose other than to expose them to eternal pain is complicit in this hideous crime against humanity.

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“Believers regularly take opposing positions on such matters as capital punishment, abortion, pacifism, birth control, physician-assisted suicide, animal rights, the environment, the separation of church and state, gay rights and women’s rights. It might be concluded from this that there is either a multitude of gods handing out conflicting moral advice, or a single god who is hopelessly confused.”  – Dan Barker

The bible teaches homophobia, misogyny, slavery, genocide, and many other brutal acts which are long-since unacceptable.

“If belief in heaven was private, like the tooth fairy, I’d say fine. But tooth fairy supporters don’t come round to your house and try to convert you. They don’t try and teach your children stultifying pseudo-science in school. They don’t try to prevent access to contraception.” – Christopher Hitchens

The only being who deserves to be tortured forever is the one who tortures people forever, which is god himself.

Any deity who threatens eternal torture to people who don’t kiss his ass isn’t worthy of honor or glory.

If there is a god, this much is certain: he neither loves the one nor despises the other; but looks upon both with benign indifference. 

The Jews are the “Chosen People” because they invented the god that did the choosing.

There are NO firsthand accounts from Jesus.

There are NO eyewitness accounts of Jesus.

There are NO contemporary accounts on Jesus.

There is NO archaeological evidence for Jesus.

He exists no where until three decades after his supposed death with Paul, who purported to have spoken to an angry cloud of light.

Then nothing until the gospels, written by anonymous Greek speakers, decades after that.

Then an approximately 45 word blurb in the Annals out of 300,000 nearly a century later by Josephus who wasn’t even alive when the events supposedly occurred.

That is all the evidence for Jesus of the bible having ever walked the earth.

Christian: “You need to humble yourself and accept the Lord.”

Atheist: “I’m just an insignificant ape, on an insignificant rock, orbiting an insignificant star, in the out-skirts of one of billions of galaxies, and there will come a day when my name is spoken for the very last time.

While you, I bet, are special. Made in God’s Own Image. Claiming to be in direct communication with the Creator of the Universe, with your own eternal mansion waiting for you up in glory.

If this is the case, don’t tell me to humble myself.”

Asking an ex-Christian to return to the flock, is like asking a runaway slave to give slavery a second chance.

r/exchristian - And that’s a FACT!

If you think you will be more aware after you die than when you are in a deep sleep, you are deluding yourself.

No god worthy of the title would leave humans in a state of ignorance to the truth of its existence, especially if this god intended to impart infinite punishment to those who can’t figure it out.

Christmas celebrates the mythical birth of a mythical baby who grew up and became a mythical god-man who, according to more myth, rose from the dead and then, without the use of any external propulsion system, flew up into the sky and back to a mythical place called heaven to sit on the right hand of his mythical father.

Most Christians are lazy both intellectually and morally. They don’t care what their religious text actually says, what they really care about is the false sense of superiority it gives them with no actual effort expended on their part. It’s impossible to argue with them because from their point of view you are not engaging with them in a discussion of ideas and reason, rather you are laying siege at the very foundation of their ego. Because that’s what it really is. Their beliefs are not a product of an internalized study of scripture or a reasoned examination of history, science, or other; rather it’s the product of the conviction that they are special, correct, and specially chosen by the creator of the universe, and you are not.

In the US, it’s becoming faster to just say “Christian” instead of “homophobic, transphobic, anti-choice, gun nut, pro-death penalty, doesn’t believe in climate change or evolution, loathes immigrants, doesn’t support universal healthcare…”

Atheist: God sends you to hell.

Theist: You send yourself to hell.

Atheist: Nope, I have decided I am not going.

Theist: That’s not how it works.

Atheist: So then what is sending me to hell?

Theist: …(The cognitive dissonance kicks in)

Christian (definition):  a person who embraces wildly improbable beliefs that are powerfully held despite incontrovertible counter-evidence

r/exchristian - God is just as guilty as the offender.

The idea that an omnipotent god had to have his son executed so that he could forgive sins is probably the stupidest idea ever dreamed up by human beings.

God is forcing us to pass a test without giving us enough information to identify the correct answer. Many will flunk just because they understandably follow their familial faith without giving much thought to the alternatives. The teacher is absent for the most important test humans will ever take. Or, just maybe, the teacher and the test do not really exist.

Christians have a habit of disregarding proven scientific facts to maintain their ignorance.

Evangelicals have formulated a fear-filled, fact-free, fictional fantasy foisting themselves as the first fruits of God’s fancy.

r/exchristian - Making sense of the Bible

When all of humanity treats earth like a waiting room for a heaven that doesn’t exist, then they don’t spend time making this world into the heaven it could be.

The only reason you feel like there is a god is because someone told you there was a god. Religion is man-made, man-maintained and man-spread.

In Genesis, after Satan takes the disguise of a snake and tempts Eve to eat the apple, God punishes all snakes to crawl on their bellies and eat dust. This would be like putting Elvis in prison after a bank robber wears an Elvis mask during a heist.

Julia Sweeney: “If you read the gospels in the order they were written, and you’ve worked as a screenwriter, it’s impossible not to read them as successive drafts of a screenplay, written under the thumb of a studio executive who wants more pizzazz with every draft.”


How can you not hate someone who thinks you will be tortured for eternity and who worships a god who they believe will do that to you? How is that different from a Jew in a German prison camp feeling about Germans who supported Hitler?

Christian: God places you here to test whether you will choose good or evil.

Atheist: Why would an all-knowing god have to perform a test?

Christian: …(crickets)…

r/exchristian - MAGA types would crucify Jesus if he came back

A supposedly good god, instead of just forgiving people, is bloodthirsty and is happier torturing a supposedly innocent individual (Jesus) and only then being willing to forgive people. Aside from being cruel, it also is unjust, as punishing someone who is innocent is monstrous. Yet that is what this supposedly good and just god allegedly did, according to the Bible.

I can’t understand how someone can go to school, learn about geography, planets, the universe, and then simultaneously believe in a sky daddy. But with time I learned that people just cant fathom their own mortality and insignificance.

The very first thing that it is claimed Noah did upon arriving on dry ground was to slaughter an animal and offer it as a burnt sacrifice to God. Considering his lack of animals to start with, this may well have wiped out a species. 

r/exchristian - They claim jesus would come back to life. I still don't see him.

We are born free, to follow our hearts, not to bow in fear to a vengeful deity.

“Our Messiah lives 2000 years ago. He was the son of God and was brutally tortured”.

“Oh wow. That’s not right”

“So we commemorate him by following what he said and via visualizations of his torture.

“Yes, listening to him…wait, visualizing his torture?”

“Yea man, we wear little crosses that resemble the cross he was was nailed alive to”

“Wow man, that’s kinda dark”

“We have statues of him being crucified in every place of worship.”

“Are these statues like, symbolic? Or they explicitly gory”

“Oh super gory man, it’s him nailed to a cross with blood dripping from his hands and feet where he is nailed. Many of them even have this crown of thorns on his head and he’s bleeding from the head too.

“What the fuck??”

“We meet up once a week and eat crackers and drink wine but we pretend we are eating his flesh and drinking his blood”

“Yooo what the fuck man”

You and your wife were in a car wreck and both die. You go to heaven and your wife to hell. Christians will claim that you can still be happy in heaven because memory of your wife will be erased. This as if your wife is being tortured in the basement while you are at a party upstairs and you were given a drug by the party host that made you forget her.

Hell is a place of infinite punishment for finite crimes. There is no condition under which this could be acceptable.

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God: “Only one religion is right but I won’t say which one because I want you to figure it out by hating and killing each other while I watch.”

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Believing in the Rapture means you get to skip the discomfort of dying and get whisked straight to heaven instead. Being sure that it will happen in your own lifetime is the arrogance of assuming you’re so important that of course pivotal events would be scheduled for your own time.

“The first time the Deity came down to earth, he brought life and death; when he came the second time, he brought hell.” Mark Twain

Man is a credulous animal, and must believe something; in the absence of good grounds for belief, he will be satisfied with bad ones. — Bertrand Russell

Any god demanding worship is unworthy of it.

r/exchristianmemes - Thank You, Santa!

  • I have a friend.

  • Oh, can I see your friend?

  • No.

  • Can I hear your friend?

  • No.

  • Does your friend do anything I can see?

  • No.

  • Where is your friend?

  • Everywhere.

  • Oh, OK. (backs away slowly)

‘Sin’ is a fictional disease invented to sell an equally fictional cure.

Christianity has much to be confused about. Look at the long list of Christian heresies about the nature of Jesus, the role of Mary, and so on. These have been resolved by mandate and tradition, not by objective evidence. Look at modern debates over morality (same-sex marriage, abortion, euthanasia, and so on). Look at the second coming, the Trinity, justification for God’s abominable actions in the Old Testament, and other murky issues. Look at the 45,000 denominations of Christianity that exist today. Let me know when Christianity gets its act together. Until then I won’t believe that the Bible looks like the product of an omniscient mind.

Christianity did not become a major religion by the quality of its truth, but by the quantity of its violence. – Michael Sherlock.

Paul never sought out Jesus’ teachings

Threatening others with eternal punishment for not agreeing to support a delusional fairy-tale reality is psychological abuse.

r/exchristianmemes - Omnipotent but incapable of showing up without destroying your mind

God: “You have angered me. Here, take my son and kill him so I can forgive you.”

If there is a God,
He will have to beg my forgiveness.
—  written on a wall in
Mauthausen concentration camp

It’s pathetic that people run their lives based on a book written by people who didn’t know where the sun goes at night.

God: What’s wrong about sending people to hell?

Satan: Because consigning people to an eternity of suffering for behaving consistently with the nature you endowed them with in the first place is not ‘just’ in any meaningful sense.

r/exchristian - Pagan!!!!!

Christianity is probably the only religion that wants you to believe that a father and his son can be the same person.

Once you’ve seen the man behind the curtain, you no longer can be awed by the wizard.

r/exchristianmemes - "I can hardly wait to start filling your little brain with lies and superstition!"

This is what happens when you use a “chaotically cobbled-together anthology of disjointed documents, composed, revised, translated, distorted and ‘improved’ by hundreds of anonymous authors, editors and copyists, unknown to us and mostly unknown to each other, spanning nine centuries” to make laws.

It’s pretty sketchy that John the Baptist and Jesus were supposedly cousins. Something about that reeks of a small scale family cult.

Is Christianity really a religion of love if it promises to bring billions of dead people back to life solely for the express purpose of exposing them to pain and suffering for eternity?

Christianity: The idea that you can escape your sins by condemning an innocent third party

Islam: The idea that you can gain spiritual peace by oppressing others for being different

Judaism: The idea that a God as demented, violent, and arrogant as YHWH is worthy of worship

Hinduism: The idea that you can mistreat your fellow human beings if they belong to the wrong caste

Buddhism: The idea that fatalism is somehow the same thing as spiritual fulfillment

Shinto: The idea that the Emperor is a Kami and this gives makes you a member of a Master Race over other Asians

Mormonism: The idea that black people are scientifically inferior because a conman from Utah claimed to have magic gold from God

Confucianism: The idea that Heaven can organize a society of 1.5 billion people around Daddy Issues and a very insecure Honor-Shame culture, and somehow create a stable society

“The easy confidence with which I know another man’s religion is folly teaches me to suspect that my own is also.” -Mark Twain

Religion is ultimately dependent on belief in invisible beings, inaudible voices, intangible entities, undetectable forces, and events and judgments that happen after we die.

It therefore has no reality check.

The Book of Job is a story about how God succumbed to temptation by Satan and committed a mortal sin.

r/exchristian - I made a sign for the abortion protests yesterday

Inventing hell probably served Christianity well in recruiting people of old who were inclined to believe such superstition, but today it has become a huge burden for the faith. It’s baked into their scriptures, so all they can do is to try to soften it, often in contradiction with their Bible, calling it a ‘separation’ or other such nonsense. Hell is a decisive and sufficient reason for concluding that Christianity is a man-made religion.

“Science adjusts it’s views based on what’s observed.

Faith is the denial of observation so that Belief can be preserved.”

-Storm by Tim Minchin

What’s amazing is that people actually believe they will be more aware and conscious after death than they are when they are alive and asleep.

Two roads diverged in a wood. One led to fantasy and the other to reality. The former was well trodden, but I, took the road less traveled, and that has made all the difference.

There are many sound arguments suggesting that Jesus was a mythical being, though it is still possible that he was a real person. But one thing is certain: If God intended for humanity to be certain of Jesus’ existence, he did a MISERABLE job.

All Christians are crazy. Constantly being watched and judged by a magic invisible friend who’ll torture you forever if you make a mistake will do that.

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Christians are really trying to convince us that the God who murdered Bathsheba’s newborn, killed all the first born sons of Egypt, sent bears to murder little children, commanded Joshua to kill all the children in Jericho, now suddenly cares about unborn fetuses?

“Religion has actually convinced people that there’s an invisible man living in the sky who watches everything you do, every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a special list of ten things he does not want you to do. And if you do any of these ten things, he has a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish, where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever ’til the end of time!

But He loves you. He loves you, and He needs money! He always needs money! He’s all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can’t handle money!”- George Carlin


Does it really make sense that a force that created the entire universe, hundreds of billions of galaxies, quasars, black holes, planets, asteroids, and stars would care if humans on planet Earth were wearing clothes composed of different fabrics?

r/exchristian - Used to weep for what my savior was going to do to my unsaved friends

“Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”
Stephen Weinberg

If someone were able to convince you God is real, he would then still have to convince you that a being that will torture billions of people forever for believing the wrong thing isn’t a sadistic evil psychopath.

r/exchristianmemes - Apologetic Tactics

The Bible should not be trusted. A book with this many errors, contradictions, lies, embellishments and lack of proper morality should not be trusted or even used. What good morality in it can be easily found elsewhere from less problematic sources.

If there were no god, you can rest assured the first deed done by the first rich man would be inventing him.

Christian: Don’t try to make sense of it. God works in mysterious ways.

Atheist: No thanks, I’ll stick with science. It works in predictable ways.

“Where do you gets your morals from? Morals come from God.” No. Morality doesn’t have anything to do with religion. You don’t need religion in order to have morals. We have morals because we live in a society. I don’t need a God to tell me that going in the streets and slaughtering people is wrong. Their morals literally come from a thousand-of-years-old book that condones slavery, rape and murder.

A book based on real life wouldn’t have a mud-man, rib-woman, talking snake, impossible flood, impossible boat with 9,000,000 animals, tower to heaven, city’s falling by trumpets, man in a fish belly, talking donkey, dragons. Also threats of hell for those who find such stuff unbelievable.

One major lesson to be learned about determining what to believe and what not to believe can be summed up in a few words- the things that are real can be observed, measured, or demonstrated. To that end, we can say confidently that ghosts, goblins, poltergeists, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, alien abductions, wizards, witches, angels, demons, fairies, and unicorns are not real. And one more we can add to this list: The God of Christianity.


r/exchristian - Why we have not seen aliens…

The human brain is not wired to be indefatigably objective. it has a lot of built-in short circuits that navigate around the logic centers. Religions take advantage of this.

For Christianity to have a fighting chance at legitimacy, at least among people who demand reasonable evidence, the bulk of the New Testament should have been written by Jesus, or his disciples, or by those who accompanied his ministry and witnessed the teachings and miracles.  None of these people wrote a single word that now appears in the New Testament. Paul wrote the bulk of it, and, even the gospels, though not written by Paul, were heavily influence by his epistles.  Simply put, an evidently psychotic man was the lead architect of Christianity.

“If we do not confront the fact of our mortality, if we hide from it and evade it by fabricating fantasies that we are immortal, we do not really grow up. We remain emotionally stunted, never having come to terms with the truth about ourselves and our lives.”- Richard Carrier

 The Bible was written by the hand of God

Ok, so either you are correct, and God is a sadistic, homophobic, genocidal maniac who endorses slavery, murder, rape, and eternal suffering… Or you’re wrong and its just a book written by primitive men. Either way your religion is fucked.

The dark side of memes: spreading untruths about religion | The Catholic Weekly

Christian: Why don’t you read the Bible, even if you think it’s fiction?

Atheist: Because I don’t read books that advocate for genocide, slavery, homophobia, or sexism.

Christian: Oh….I see

The core doctrine of Christianity: For you to be forgiven, someone else must suffer.

Christians say God is love. An all-powerful god who does nothing to assuage the ongoing suffering of people, and then dangles a post-death reward only to those who mostly by luck of birth believe in him while eternally torturing everybody else is not expressing love in any sense that registers as being even remotely authentic.

People don’t think evangelicals are awful because of their portrayals in pop culture. It’s because we all see what they do with their power and what they’re against. They’re anti-gay, anti-trans, anti-choice, anti-sex, anti-science, anti-refugee, anti-immigrant, anti-intellectual, pro-virus, pro-cruelty, pro-death penalty, and pro-bigotry.

r/exchristian - The only medicine I need is Jesus... /s

Some Christians say there are no downsides to believing, even if it isn’t true. Not so. 10 percent of your income given to greedy pedophiles, praying instead of actually fixing your problems, giving up many pleasurable pursuits because they’re ‘sinful,’ spending time in church which could be spent hiking, biking, golfing, etc, losing out on the wonder of learning about evolution and similar scientific concepts, having to live with the idea that others are going to hell and feeling pressure to ‘save; them.

The quality of evidence supporting the authenticity of Christian theology is woefully insufficient to legitimize its intent to divide humanity into heaven and hell.

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The idea that a person’s eternal destiny could depend upon something as fragile, as accidental, as their religious beliefs, most of which were simply inherited from parents, seemed so ludicrous that only the most gullible and naïve could possibly entertain it.

If God himself can drown babies and puppies, I doubt Christians are riding the ridgeline of human morality.

You’d think that if Jesus were the point of God’s story, if he were the person necessary for people to avoid hell, Jesus would be in the Garden of Eden right from the start.

Conscious life is bent on survival, but humans logically know they will die. The imagined spirit world, the “soul” and the afterlife are created in the mind for survival’s imperative. To imagine surviving a death that is certain.

The creation of a punishment of eternal torment requires such a punishment for the creator.

r/trippinthroughtime - It's just a prank

It is curious to hear some Christians claim that Muslims are worshiping the same god as they are, without realizing that this makes their god out to be a monstrous deceiver, delivering two conflicting theological packages to humanity for no apparent reason other than to create conflict, misery, violence, and death.

Take the Bible

Take the Bible as your geography book and you’ll miss 99% of the world.

Take the Bible as your history book, and you’ll be at the bottom of the class.

Take the Bible as your biology book, and you’ll get no marks at all.

Take the Bible as your cosmology book, and you’ll know less than nothing.

Take the Bible as your medical book, and you’ll be sued for malpractice.

Take the Bible as your military ethics book, and you’ll be sentenced for war crimes.

Take the Bible as your childcare book, and your children will be taken away.

Take the Bible as your law book, and you’ll end up in jail.

Take the Bible as your human rights book, and you’ll be tried at the Hague.

So yes, take the Bible, take it as far away as possible, and leave it there.

Generally speaking, when you choose between a tangled weave of complicated and internally-inconsistent rationalizations versus a simple explanation, the latter is likely to be true. God is not real explains everything perfectly.


Jesus impregnated his own mother so that she could give birth to himself. Later, he teleported out of her vagina so that her hymen would be undisturbed and she could maintain her virginal purity and claim her title as queen of heaven.

Christians cannot deal with biological finality. They invent a theme park in the afterlife, instead of maturing and dealing with the difficult realities of this life.

Science doesn’t make it impossible to believe in God, it just makes it possible not to believe in God.

So after: 548,865,475,810,748,548,948,412,265,523,794,652,805,718,935,264,508,212,569,845,139,745,069,839,457,958,626,740,152,486,569,309,047,235,807,154,638,978,257,015,480,963,852,004,767,119,365,454,610,936 years in heaven, do you think you might start getting a little bored?

Christian: You atheists have no morals and you are mean to us Christians.

Atheist: You are worshiping a god who intends to bring dead people back to life for no purpose other than to inflict them with pain for eternity, with no possibility of ‘parole’, and you think we have a problem?

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The most preposterous notion that Homo sapiens has ever dreamed up is that the Lord God of Creation, Shaper and Ruler of all the Universes, wants the saccharine adoration of His creatures, can be swayed by their prayers, and becomes petulant if He does not receive this flattery. – Robert Heinlein

"Faith is belief without evidence and reason; coincidentally that's also the definition of delusion." Richard Dawkins

One day, the Bible might even be viewed as one of the curiosities of a tragic bibliolatrous age, when dependence on a text brought untold misery and stood as an obstacle to human progress. We might then study the Bible as a lesson in why human beings should never again apply special privilege to any book. – Hector Avalos

Christian belief is a fragile delusion that is maintained by quarantining adverse evidence out of the field of view. Sometimes all it takes is for a trusted friend to come out and it puts believers into a depressive mood for weeks.

Christians are intentionally numbing themselves to life. They would rather fool themselves with a comforting falsehood than to turn and face this real existence we are all in together right  now.

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Christianity is a support group for people who believe God manifested on earth as a Jewish hippy some twenty centuries ago, then killed himself on a cross in order to spare his own creation from his own wrath.

You were dead for billions of years before you were born, didn’t bother you in the slightest. The fact that we cease to exist when we die is a relief, religion gives you the anxiety of worrying about hell and torture and being permanently trapped under the thumb of a galactic dictator. I know when I die I will never worry or suffer again, I will have perfect peace.

You Don't Need Religion to Have Morals

Teach a man what to think and he will be a Christian. Teach a man how think and he will be an atheist.

I don’t get my morality from the Bible because it condones stoning people for petty crimes, beheadings, burning people alive, killing children, genocide, holy war, incest, rape, slavery, animal cruelty, polygamy, terrorism, and killing nonbelievers.

r/NakedPastor - How many times have people said to me, "You need to read your Bible!"

No one has explained so far why Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, leprechauns and elves are actually fairy tales, whereas  gods, devils, demons, angels, spirits who make virgins pregnant, and talking snakes are real.

Christianity wants you to believe that a father and his son can be the same person.

Worship is the weakest form of human interaction. It involves a fact-fucking obsequiousness that satisfies neither the worshiper nor the worshipee.

The idea that a loving god would resurrect dead people for the sole purpose of delivering everlasting pain is (there is no word in English that does this justice, but to complete the sentence, here goes) absolutely and laughably preposterous.

Most religious people are blissfully blind to the fact that they have made a ‘purchase’ without adequate investigation. Too much credit is given to what they were trained to believe and too little consideration is given to what they were trained to disbelieve. So, in the end, we have billions of people living in a state of delusion brought on by their human nature to mindlessly accept what is presented before them.

The only reason that Christians have no problem with their principal symbol being an implement of torture is that they have been enculturated to accept it as a normal element of faith. When viewed outside the milieu of this preconditioned mentality, it is truly disgusting- an absolute travesty of common decency.

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The idea of God implies the abdication of human reason and justice; it is the most decisive negation of human liberty, and necessarily ends in the enslavement of mankind, both in theory and practice.

– Michael Bakunin

Christian: Isn’t God wonderful! He instructed his people to cut off the foreskin of boys because he knew that it could cause problems later in life.

Atheist: Then why did he create the foreskin in the first place?

Christian: …….(crickets)…….

Perhaps John 3:16 is deserving of a revision. Perhaps instead of: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” it should be: “For god so loved the world that he sent his one and only son to be beaten, mocked, and killed so that he could do something that in no way requires his one and only son to be beaten, mocked, and killed.”

Why would a god that’s said to be benevolent condemn people to eternal suffering for simply not believing in something that doesn’t manifest itself in the reality we observe?

r/exchristian - Heaven sounds like a wonderful place

Christianity thoroughly diminishes your journey through this existence and makes you a pawn in some eternal game of chess. It restricts  peoples’ ability to realize their strengths or to make real choices. Rather than setting a person free, it turns them into a slave.

Oddly enough, reports of demon possession started to dwindle as our understanding of mental illness increased.

Unlike the god of the Old Testament, the god of the New Testament is not happy when his enemies lay dead and broken before him. He pursues them into death to inflict never-ending suffering. 

If the god of Christianity is real, it is clear that he is not concerned about being detected. And considering that failure to detect him leads one to infinite misery, this god is undoubtedly the most evil figure in the entire universe.

To a recently ‘converted’ atheist, seeing others still believing is similar to an older brother finding out that Santa is fake and seeing his younger brother putting out milk and cookies on Christmas Eve.

The fact is that much of biblical scholarship is a joke, allowing standards of ‘evidence’ that are unacceptable in other areas of historical research. The whole field is based on dubious ‘facts’ much inflated by wishful thinking and built on the quicksand of self-interest with a shared self-delusion masquerading as ‘consensus.’

The absence of miracles is evidence that the god of Christianity does not exist. It is not proof of this assertion. However, there is an opportunity cost because there could be miracles given the existence of God.

It would be like a person saying they swim a lot in the pool at your resort, but every time you have looked at the pool, he is not swimming. Does it mean he is lying?- No. Does it raise the probability that he is lying?- Yes.

The Christian god has an ego so fragile that he sends anyone who does not literally worship him to an eternal torture dimension of unfathomable pain. The people who do choose to worship him get to spend eternity continuing to worship him. If this god is real he is horrendously wrathful and self obsessed.

The Big Bang needed a cause, so OBVIOUSLY that cause is the ancient Jewish war god who mysteriously became the only god after suffering subservience to El, the chief god, and equality to other gods in the Jewish pantheon. I mean, who else could it be?

A virgin gives birth to a baby, who grows up to be a man who also happens to be the creator of the universe. The man walks on water and talks to demons who obey his orders. The man is killed but comes back to life. Then he flies up into outer space. What part of this does not sound like a fairy tale?

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The default position of the Christian god is that EVERYONE is damned to hell from the get go, primed for eternal suffering and punishment UNLESS they do certain specific ego-soothing acts of worship towards this god and then can finally join him to continue this eternal worship in his presence.

I am so impressed that God has communicated so thoroughly and so consistently to all of his followers. They agree on everything, well, except for abortion rights, women leaders, euthanasia, stem-cell research, gay rights, becoming rich, dancing, gambling, drinking, R-rated movies, gun control, birth control, climate change, evolution, literal interpretation of the Bible, the Trinity, Mary’s virginity, and universal health care. Other than those, it it truly impressive how God has communicated to his followers what is right and what is wrong.

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Christians don’t have an evidence based view of the world. Their world view is contingent on believing certain things. Period. You or I, we like to believe things if the evidence supports them. But to them, evidence is irrelevant if it contradicts the things they think they need to believe.

Christianity oversells the relationship aspect to the limits of credibility and beyond. There is no rational basis to separate this experience from a child who has an imaginary friend. In both cases it is a one-way conversation with someone you can’t see, hear, or touch, and any return chatter is obviously of your own making. In effect, Christianity turns intelligent adults into small children while laughing all the way to the bank.

With how often some Christians ask for their sins to be forgiven, I have to wonder if their god is running a laundromat sin cleaning service.

Most people recognize that torture is wrong and yet we are expected to believe that some deity will torture us for all eternity if we don’t believe he exists on insufficient evidence?

The 10 Commandments are revered by most Christians but anyone who has any sense can see that they contain some glaring omissions and some weird inclusions.

Atheists’ 10 Commandments

  1. Be open-minded and be willing to alter your beliefs with new evidence.

  2. Strive to understand what is most likely to be true, not to believe what you wish to be true.

  3. The scientific method is the most reliable way of understanding the natural world.

  4. Every person has the right to control of their body.

  5. God is not necessary to be a good person or to live a full and meaningful life.

  6. Be mindful of the consequences of all your actions and recognize that you must take responsibility for them.

  7. Treat others as you would want them to treat you, and can reasonably expect them to want to be treated. Think about their perspective.

  8. We have the responsibility to consider others, including future generations.

  9. There is no one right way to live.

  10. Leave the world a better place than you found it.

 If there was an all-powerful deity who wanted humans to know about its existence, then there would be no controversy or question about its existence. This deity would be obvious to every reasonable person, and would have been for all of history. There would be no argument about it. No faith would be required. There would be no atheists. It would be as observable, testable, and provable as hurricanes, Australia or oak trees. Since this is not the case, it is reasonable to conclude that no such deity exists, or if it does, it is not concerned with being detected.

I question anyone who worships a god who thinks it’s OK to torture dead people.

 Christians can make all the metaphysical arguments for why a god must exist, but they are not claiming just any god- no, their god is all-powerful, all-seeing, able to manipulate everything from a cancer cell to a mountain, can answer any prayer, can speak in a booming voice, and work every miracle in the book,. For this god to exist, we would have to be living in a different world- ours doesn’t work that way.

Religion is inevitable as evolution produces thinking minds, but before those minds have the means to understand the reality about them. It is certain that religion has appeared on every planet in the universe where intelligent life has evolved.

There’s a reason so many people want nothing to do with churches anymore. So many of them are anti-gay, anti-women, anti-trans, anti-immigrant, anti-science, anti-environment, anti-doubt, and anti-choice.

Psalms 14:1  The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.

If fools can figure it out, then why can’t you?!

There are no gods,
no devils, no angels,
no heaven or hell.
There is only our natural world.
Religion is but
myth and superstition
that hardens hearts
and enslaves minds.

Christian apologists, clergy, and laypeople are walking a thin line in trying to present their god as the virtuous alternative to an all-evil adversary, but they are hamstrung by their own scriptures that are ‘screaming out’ a very different reality.

“OK class, today we’ll be teaching you the truth, about how an all knowing, all powerful, morally perfect being felt compelled to send everyone to hell and that the only way he could prevent it, even though it was himself doing it, was to make a human woman birth a son who was also him, and then sacrifice himself (who was also his son) TO himself, so he could save those who believe in this from going to hell.”

(kid raises hand)

“There will be no questions, questions are from people who go to hell.”

r/exchristian - When evangelical pastors try to fearmonger and accidentally admit that their all powerful deity is petty and weak.

Christian:  God has told me that murder is wrong.

Atheist:  Really? You needed someone to tell you that murder is wrong? (backs away slowly)

Over the last 2000 years there have been many scientific discoveries that have directly contradicted the teachings of religion, and the believers just keep right on believing. Some religions simply ignore the discoveries, some deny them, and some (like the Catholics and Muslims) have become quite adept at spinning their story to say the discovery fits within their dogma.

Humans and chimps share 95% genetic similarities.
Humans and mud share 0% genetic similarities.
Science: 1
Bible: 0

r/exchristianmemes - Should be way more than 8

Earthquake in California

Christians: God is punishing those heathens

Tornado in Mississippi

Christians: …crickets…

I reject the glorification of genocidal deities, fictional or real.

There is a vast difference between a declaration and a demonstration. Things that are declared without being demonstrated are rightly rejected by even the least skeptical persons, except when it comes to religion- then, no demonstration is required and belief is purchased at a penny on the  dollar.

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If you don’t have to accept Adam’s eating of the apple to be cursed with original sin, why do have to accept Jesus’ sacrifice to be forgiven?

It should be obvious that if the god being argued for actually existed the use of the ‘mysterious ways’ argument would not be necessary. Only fictional gods are mysterious.

I despise religion because I hate to see beautiful minds vandalized by superstition.

Atheism: It isn’t a religion, it’s a relationship with reality.

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I don’t want to be a good person so I can live with God after I die. I want to be a good person so I can live with myself while I am alive.

Agnostic: Why doesn’t God just kill Satan?

Atheist: Because it’s hard for something that doesn’t exist to kill another thing that doesn’t exist.

r/exchristianmemes - Asinine Christian Teachings 101

Christianity- The belief that God sacrificed God to God to save God’s creation from God

Christians believe that the war god of a pantheon of gods originally worshiped by a primitive Middle Eastern desert tribe 3000 years ago is the only possible god that can exist, dismissing all claims to 2000 other gods worshiped by humans over the past 10,000 years.

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I despise religion and find it to be a disgusting, immoral, vindictive, belligerent, fear-inducing, vengeful, poorly constructed and corrupt ancient doctrine of hate.

The most preposterous notion ever conceived by homo sapiens is that the Lord God, creator and shaper of all the universe, wants the prayers of his subjects, and the adulations of his subjects, and that if he doesn’t get this flattery he becomes petulant. This absurd notion, without a trace of evidence to back it up,
pays for the biggest, least productive industry on Earth.
— Lazarus Long

The idea that a woman who becomes accidentally pregnant should remain stuck as a human incubator for nine months is disgusting and inhumane.

Jesus was a long-haired, dark-skinned, liberal, pacifist, socialist- in other words, everything Christians are not.

“Either believe that people will burn in hell if they don’t believe in a God who burns people in hell, or you’ll burn in hell.”
– Christianity

KYROOT’S WAGER:  Why risk following any religion when it’s likely that the ‘real’ god is watching us and will raise up only those of us who have correctly determined that all earthly religions are fake.

To follow a religion is to lock your mind voluntarily inside a cage.

Come on. You just can’t come up with anything more ridiculous than someone who honestly thinks that all human woes stem from an incident in which a talking snake accosted a naked woman in a primeval garden and talked her into eating a piece of fruit.

If this Christian shit is real, then God is an asshole for providing such little and unreliable evidence. If I get sent to hell, then God sent me there because of his fucked up business model.

I’m obviously not saying that all religious people are psychopaths and psychotics, but this to me is the true horror of religion- it allows perfectly decent and sane people to believe by the billions, what only lunatics could believe on their own.”

― Sam Harris

Christianity is a disease of the mind that creates an artificial sense of certainty in things that are wildly uncertain.

That’s the difference between me and your god. If I see a child being raped or murdered I will do all I can to stop it. If your god sees it he will sit there and watch, doing nothing. Then, he may even punish the child for infinity if they didn’t believe in him while also potentially blessing the child rapist/murderer with eternal bliss if they believed in him. Your god is an immoral monster.

If I was a god and I saw a priest molesting a child I would stop him … that’s the difference between me and the Christian god.

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What could possibly be more arrogant than thinking the universe was made for mankind, that only we bipedal primates are made in the image of God, that all other sentient beings are here for us to use, that you happened to be born into the one true faith among the tens of thousands of false ones, and that the force that created the laws of physics wants a personal relationship with you. 

It seems very implausible that everyone who knew Jesus, his closest friends and family members, would somehow be mistaken about his intentions but a man who never met Jesus and knew nothing about him personally would get the correct information from the voices in his head. Yet almost all Christians are currently engaging with their religious beliefs along the lines outlined by Paul and not by Jesus. 

We know that intelligence requires a material substance (brain, computer chip) and that a material presence requires a specific location, and that the properties of space-time preclude light or information from traveling at speeds greater than 300,000 km/hr, such that it becomes impossible for any single conscious being to see all and control all of the universe in real time.

It is clear that we are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet orbiting around a very average star in the outer suburb of one among a hundred billion galaxies. – Stephen Hawking

Some people use Bible verses to justify beating children, withholding medical treatment, handling snakes, drinking poison, chopping off body parts, plucking out eyes, driving out demons, withdrawing from the affairs of this world, not saving for the future, discriminating against LGBQ and women, stifling science education, renouncing the pleasures of life, and expecting the world to end.

Christians often say that God is NOT the author of confusion. Can you say, Tower of Babel? 

Christianity isn’t really monotheistic is it? There are angels, archangels, principalities, seraphim, cherubim, thrones, ophanim, dominions, the holy spirit, God, Jesus and a whole bunch of saints. Calling that monotheism is just Orwellian double speak.

heaven hell

Judaism is an ethnic religion, meaning that it cannot rightly be used as a ‘monolith’ to support another faith. It belongs only to the Jewish people. It was created strictly for them as a cultural construct. Most Jews understand it to be a mostly fictional tradition that binds them together. Christianity and Islam borrowed and perverted it to buttress their newly evolved theologies, but did so illegitimately.

When 1,000,000 people think God favors them, it’s a religion.    

When 1,000 people think God favors them, it’s a cult.    

When 1 person thinks God favors them, it’s a mental illness.

Once you realize that the Bible was written by ordinary Bronze Age men and that it contains mostly myth and fictionalized history, then everything makes sense.

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People who embrace Christianity are not well individuals. They might be healthy, happy, loving, and productive citizens, but they are not well- their minds are locked inside a contorted view of reality that renders impossible a holistic expression of universal harmony.

The idea of a soul deceives us to believe we are special and can escape the reality of our impermanence and the inevitably of death. It allows people to believe they and their loved ones are special and will continue to bask in some fundamentally and invariably meaningful essence after death.

r/exchristian - Not sus at all

Christianity is a support group for people who wish to avoid reality and fool themselves into thinking that there is a fairy-tale ending to this existence.

I am very much against anything that tries to justify faith as a valid and legitimate method to arrive at a conclusion.

r/exchristianmemes - Burn for Jesus 😈 literally. (I do not claim to know what happens after death, but nothing made the most sense for now)

We can imagine that a god of reality would do things much differently, not demanding adherence to numerous and minute rules most of which have no effect on the welfare of the person, the society, or the planet. Such a god would most likely expect nothing much beyond the golden rule, to simply be nice and live life for the common good- not prescribing circumcision, banning foods, demanding worship, or sacrificing earthly goods. No, but a god manufactured by humans would likely be cast as a dominator, such as to be effective at controlling people and their money.  Such is the fictional being we call Yahweh.

The easy confidence with which I know another man’s religion is folly teaches me to suspect that my own is also. Mark Twain.

I’ll tell you what you did with Atheists for about 1500 years. You outlawed them from the universities or any teaching careers, besmirched their reputations, banned or burned their books or their writings of any kind, drove them into exile, humiliated them, seized their properties, arrested them for blasphemy. You dehumanised them with beatings and exquisite torture, gouged out their eyes, slit their tongues, stretched, crushed, or broke their limbs, tore off their breasts if they were women, crushed their scrotums if they were men, imprisoned them, stabbed them, disembowelled them, hanged them, burnt them alive…….And you have nerve enough to complain to me that I laugh at you.

— Dr. Madalyn Murray O’Hair

We die just like every other living thing. It is not a pretty picture, but it is all we have and I contend that a life lived under this understanding will be more authentic, adventurous, and fulfilling than one burdened by the false hope for an afterlife.

God created atheists to teach us the most important lesson of them all — the lesson of true compassion. You see, when an atheist performs an act of charity, visits someone who is sick, helps someone in need, and cares for the world, he is not doing so because of some religious teaching. He does not believe that god commanded him to perform this act in fact he does not believe In God at all, so his acts are based on an Inner sense of morality. And look at the Kindness he can bestow upon others Simply because he feels it to be right.

I always hate it when science gets in the way of a good miracle.

Asking ‘if there is no god, what is the purpose of life?’ is like asking ‘if there is no master, whose slave shall I be?’

God declines to provide any actual evidence of Jesus’ divinity while simultaneously making his forgiveness contingent upon accepting that premise.

Some healings are too hard for god. Mostly he can heal only with the help of time, drugs, surgery, and the action of the person’s immune system.

If the world is a barn, religion is the pile of dung surrounded by files next to the dead mouse.

Notice how no one ever says ‘Mosquitoes are real, I know it in my heart.’

After spending some time in the hospital’s pediatric ward, I can say that I have seen the absence of God.

Christian: Jesus died for our sins!

Atheist: But then he came back to life?

Christian: Yes, after three days!

Atheist: So he really didn’t die.

Christian: Well, he was dead for a while.

Atheist: But after that wasn’t he the same as before?

Christian: Yes, he ascended to the right hand of his Father!

Atheist: So what was the sacrifice?

Christian: ……uh……..well……hmm…let me see.

If you worship a god who would send ANYONE (Hitler included) to a place of everlasting conscious torment, then you are an accessory to the fact. The more authentic position would be to say that you respect God as being the ultimate creator of the universe, but that you detest his decision to create Hell.

 No story about Noah and his ark is complete without the bloated, gnarled, rotting carcasses of men, women, children, infants, fetuses, and other animals that God murdered floating alongside and bouncing against the boat.

Christian: God has always existed, and he created the universe.

Atheist: So the universe has always existed too?

Christian: No, God created the universe.

Atheist: So how long did God exist before he created the universe?

Christian: Uh….let’s see…hum…(crickets)

A true god would not take sides in a tribal conflict. A god invented by humans would.

Since God inseminated his own mother, does that make him a motherfucker?

I can not, in good conscience, believe that there is any situation in which it is appropriate for a Jewish man to be punished for my crimes.

You would think that someone who had a celestial magical birth, a king who slaughtered babies to try to kill him, who performed amazing miracles all over Judea and galilee, who had an earthquake and dead people coming out of their graves when he died, and who came back to life in front of 500 people, and who bodily flew up into the sky would have received at least a few first-hand accounts. But no, not a single one.

Religion trains people to dial down the logic centers of their brains.

Peace in and out of Context by lisa-im-laerm

A god who actually loved us would, first of all, not threaten us with Hell. Second, he would let us know who he is and make his existence positively known.  Third, if he decided to give us life after death, he would guide every one of us to this happy place. The god of Christianity fails on all of these points.

Since most Christians seem to believe that God does not want to do anything that is clearly supernatural (and so destroy the faith that he seems to crave), it appears that his message will be forever mired in Iron Age justice and morality, while humankind continues to advance and improve, progressively making the Bible less and less relevant over time.





  • The Christian says “Muslims and Jews are wrong.”

  • The Jew says “Christians and Muslims are wrong.”

  • The Muslim says “Christians and Jews are wrong.”

  • The atheist says, “You are all correct.”

To deny marriage rights to gay couples, i.e. the full expression of their love and commitment to each other and the associated benefits, based on YOUR religious beliefs, is one of the lowest forms of human morality.

Oscar Wilde: Religion is like a blind man looking in a black room for a black cat that isn’t there, and finding it. 

In the infinitesimally small chance that Christianity is true, and this was proven beyond doubt, I would still choose not to go to heaven; because I would categorically refuse to worship this piece of shit god for the next trillion trillion years.

Real love is impossible under the threat of eternal torture. The claim that God loves us, but will torture most of us, is preposterous.

Faith is a cognitive bias that causes believers to overestimate any confirming evidence and underestimate any disconfirming evidence.

According to Christianity, not believing in Jesus is a worse sin than murder.


Evolutionary biologist:  “Let’s take a look at the evidence and see what conclusions we can make.”

Creationist: “Here’s the conclusion, let’s see what evidence we can find to support it.”

I’ve managed to boil religion down to a single common modus operandi:

1) Damage your self-esteem by persuading you that you are broken/evil/incomplete/inadequate/incapable/suffering/etc…

2) Offer a solution to the pseudo-problem, which you are much more likely to accept due to (now) low self-esteem, in the hope that it will “fix” you and give your self-esteem back.

The unspoken catch, of course, is that you can only get the solution if you submit to their authority, follow their rules and, in most cases, pay them money.

“I’m always shocked that gay marriage is such a big deal. You have to realize how precious human life is, when there are tsunamis and mudslides, when there are armies and terrorists – at any moment, you could be gone, and potentially in the most brutal fashion. And then you have to realize that love is truly one of the most extraordinary things you can experience in your life. To begrudge someone else their love of another person because of gender seems to be absolutely absurd. It’s based in fear, fear of the other, fear of what is not like you. But when you are able to see lives on a day-to-day basis, rather than reducing it to politics, then it humanizes a whole community of people that were otherwise invisible.” -Jennifer Beals

Everything makes much more sense when you assume there is no god.

A lie boldly told quashes many truths meekly stated.

“I do rape all I want. And the amount I want is zero. The fact that these people think that if they didn’t have this person watching over them that they would go on killing, raping rampages is the most self-damning thing I can imagine. ” – Penn Jillette


There is no better evidence that Christianity is false than to show that a more comprehensive study of itself leads more to doubt than faith. 

Christianity wants you to believe that all humanity is born deserving of unbearable suffering. But thankfully, an extra-dimensional Universe Creator had a third of himself executed so that we could experience a conspicuously opulent immortality as opposed to being set on fire forever.

A divine being ‘dictating’ to human writers would almost certainly have done a better job of establishing a clear and well understood doctrine that would not have required a quarrelsome debate among human interpreters for the next twenty centuries.


Since the Bible and the church are obviously mistaken in telling us where we came from, how can we trust them to tell us where we are going?

Faith means never having to say you’re wrong

 If the Garden of Eden, The Tower of Babel, the Great Flood, the Egyptian exile, and Jonah and the whale are allegories, how can we be sure that anything in the Bible is factual?

The quality of the minds attracted to theology and the clergy went into decline as the scientific method began laying waste to religious dogma. No discovery of science has ever pointed to the truth of any religious doctrine.

Why is it that God forgives people who knowingly sin (murderers, rapists, cheaters) but doesn’t forgive people who unknowingly sin (non-believers)? 

I figured out that if demons are not real, then Christianity must be false. Then I figured out that demons are not real.

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The fact that the Christian god “chose” a certain people over all others and helped them to murder other people, men, women, and children, who were just as good and honorable, tells you that one of two things is true- either that God doesn’t exist or he doesn’t deserve to be worshiped, and if it’s the latter, we are fucked.

Depressed teen:  Nobody accepts me!

Jesus: I know the feeling.

Depressed teen: What do you do when they won’t accept you?

Jesus: I tell them to go to Hell.



Evolutionist: Humans evolved from a common ancestor we share with chimpanzees that lived about 6 million years ago.

Christian:  Were you there?

Evolutionist: Do you believe that Jesus rose from the dead?

Christian: Of course I do, there is no doubt in my mind.

Evolutionist:  Were you there?


We don’t need apologetics for houseflies. You simply point to them and say “there’s one now.”

Apparently the mightier you are, the more you need middle-aged pseudo-academics to ‘demonstrate’ your existence. Quite a paradox.

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The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one. The happiness of credulity is a cheap and dangerous quality of happiness, and so fragile that it can crack at a moment’s notice.

Religion is like giving someone a baby walker that, instead of helping them come to walk on their own, makes them dependent on it and cripples them for life.

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Christian: God hates abortion!

Atheist: Didn’t God kill some pregnant women in the Great Flood?

Christian: Well, yes, probably.

Atheist:  Doesn’t that constitute abortion?

Christian: No.

Atheist: Why not?

Christian: Because God did it.


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The Old Testament is a font of evidence alerting any clear-thinking person that the God created by the Jews is not a real entity, but just an imaginary deity who failed to transcend the limited depth of Iron Age knowledge, understanding, morality, ethics, and wisdom.

Christians are in the uncomfortable position of worshiping a god who is morally inferior to themselves.

When confronted with the size and scale of the universe and the myriad forms of evil, disasters, pain, and suffering, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that the world described by Christianity does not match the world in which we live.

Science is the impartial discovery of reality; religion is the subjective creation of fantasy.


If God is so concerned about homosexuality and abortion, why didn’t Jesus say anything about it?

Elite athletes make first place, strange shapes appear on toast and some people narrowly escape death, but amputated limbs never regrow, mountains never move and food never spontaneously appears in front of the hundreds of children that starve to death each hour.

 “Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.” – Marcus Aurelius

Once the masses started to read and understand what was in the Bible we started to see the Church’s power crumble -Alan Lewis

It’s not that atheists have nothing to live for- it’s that they have nothing to die for.

Believing your delusions is called insanity. Believing other peoples’ delusions is called religion.

Debating a person who believes in the Noah flood story is like an astronomer explaining to someone that meteors are not falling stars. 

Why do I have to believe in Jesus to be forgiven if I don’t have to believe in Adam and Eve to be condemned?

Christians rail against gay marriage, which Jesus said nothing about, but have no problem marrying divorced women, which Jesus specifically condemned as an act of adultery. (Matthew 18:15-17)


If Christianity was real, it’s truth would permeate our core existence and its denial would require a surrender of our faculties rather the free exercise of them.

I gave up on Christianity because the evidence failed to support the purported claims and I actually care if what I believe is factually true or not.

 Christianity: The belief that God sacrificed God to God to save God’s creations from God

I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.

Prayer is magical thinking that does not produce magical results.

Religion is an illusion created to help people avoid reality.

If a god made contact with humans, it would be so obvious and universal that there would be only one religion. Since this has not happened, it is reasonably certain that no god has made contact with humans, and furthermore, it is highly probable that he/she/it either does not exist or else does not know that we exist.

If you think that 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years from now, people will still be being punished for sins they committed during 75 years while on earth, then you have just figured out that God is a total asshole.

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Banned by the Bible

Arguing with a Christian is like playing chess with a pigeon. You could be the greatest player in the world, but the pigeon will still knock over all the pieces, shit on the board, and strut around triumphantly.

Science brings people together, religion divides

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If God will not reveal Himself to you in a way that is clear and unmistakable, it is absurd to think you deserve eternal torment for not “believing.”  

Death cult anyone?

Atheist: God is a dick.

Christian: That was the Old Testament,

Atheist: Oh, so that was a different god?

Christian: No, same.

Atheist: So you only have the New Testament in your Bible?

Christian: No, both.

Atheist: Am I missing something?

Christian: Sorry, need to go.

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Christianity at it’s core is about getting people to join their group and believe that by joining their group one can stop a wrathful god from exacting everlasting judgement on those who do not join.

Christianity- the greatest lie ever sold

God says do what you wish, but make the wrong choice and you will be tortured for eternity in hell. That’s not free will. It’s like a man telling his girlfriend, do what you wish, but if you choose to leave me, I will track you down and blow your brains out. When a man says this we call him a psychopath. When god says the same we call him “loving” and build churches in his honor. – William C. Easttom II

Christian:  You killed Jesus!

Jew: You’re welcome!


Jew: Don’t you believe that Jesus had to die for you to be saved?

Christian: Well, yeah.

Jew: Then, you’re welcome!

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 If God exists and decided to assign mankind to an afterlife in either a glorious paradise and a dreadful inferno, he would make doubly and triply sure that the criteria for this decision is unmistakably clear. Constrastively, if disparate human minds devised such a theology, then contradictory and ambiguous results would appear, as they do.

Surely not everybody was Kung Fu Fighting.

Christianity is like a beautiful, shiny car, but when you look under the hood, the engine is missing.

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The story of the redemption will not stand examination. That man should redeem himself from the sin of eating an apple by committing a murder on Jesus Christ, is the strangest system of religion ever set up. Thomas Paine


Christians brag that they give more to charity than atheists- not true. Give $100 to a church and about $7 goes to help people in need. Give merely $10 to Red Cross and about $9.30 goes to helping people in need. 


Christian:  Jesus is Lord!

Atheist: Is that what you think?

Christian:  I don’t think. I know.

Atheist: I don’t think you know either.


Gandhi didn’t accept Christ, so although he did 1000 good things, he also did 1 bad thing and because of that 1 bad thing he deserves to be tormented forever in Hell by a ‘loving’ God……yeah, makes perfect sense.


Probably the most damaging part of Christianity (and most other religions), is that there’s a life after this one, and it’s far more important.

With that outlook, it’s rational for parents to do everything they can to secure your eternal life, since this one effectively doesn’t matter.

Unfortunately for those of us who leave the faith, that means we have parents that don’t know how to love us in the only life that is real.

When a person becomes an atheist it is a seminal moment because for the first time in their life all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly and there is no longer a need to ask “Why?” 


 Christian: You must be born again.

Atheist: No thanks, I was born OK the first time.

Free and easily accessible forgiveness provides incentive to indulge in impropriety.


Atheist:  I am an atheist.

Christian: So why do you hate God?

Atheist:  I don’t know, I guess for the same reason you hate Zeus.


ET Salvation

Atheists have better sex because ‘no one’s watching.’


Go figure.

What could possibly go wrong if you organize your life around ancient scriptures written in dead languages by ignorant, racist, sexist, superstitious barbarians who believed everything they could not explain in the world was magic?

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Mark Twain