Alphabetical listing

Abiogenesis (1330)
Abolition of Mosaic Law not communicated (1105)
Abortion nonsense (977)
Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph are mythical (496)
Abrahamic covenant was about nationhood (2332)
Abrahamic faiths are equally false (2767)
Abrahamic mythology as an isolate (3000)
Abrahamic religions destroyed egalitarianism (2898)
Abrahamic religions must be false (3018)
Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac (97)
Abraham’s theatrical sketch (3005)
Absence of Earthly advantage (160)
Absence of evidence is evidence of absence (3065)
Absence of legitimate arguments (611)
Absence of logic (2133)
Absence of simplicity (1531)
Absurdities in Acts prove it’s not historical (400)
Absurdities of Jesus’s conception (1765)
Absurdity of Christianity’s central doctrine (1700)
Absurdity of Christianity’s punishment (529)
Absurdity of dogma (2508)
Absurdity of God’s production (628)
Absurdity of God watching everyone (341)
Absurdity of human worship (2919)
Absurdity of the ‘free’ choice (2126)
Acceptance of vaccination science (3247)
Accepting disease as divine punishment (658)
According to scripture, everyone is damned (1871)
Accounts before versus after crucifixion (2391)
Achievements of science vs. religion (175)
Acid test for Christianity (2153)
Acquiescence to Roman rule (442)
Action of one versus prayers of one thousand (778)
Actions of the first Christians (1130)
Acts and Galatians collision (2356)
Acts exaggerates Christian growth rate (2021)
Acts-Galatians conflict (2066)
Acts is historical fiction (370)
Acts was not written by Paul’s companion (1339)
Adam and Eve allegory (3181)
Adam bomb (630)
Adding to the Bible (1134)
Adoptionism (1172)
Adultery in your heart (1251)
Advanced archaeology fails to confirm Genesis (2201)
Aesop and Socrates (2497)
Afterlife would be of no interest to a god (1751)
Age of accountability problem (539)
Age regression problem regarding an afterlife (1354)
Agricultural roots of Christianity (2437)
Alexander the Great/Jesus parallel (1447)
Alien analogy (3221)
Alien abductions versus resurrection (2894)
Alien life more probable (3109)
All known gods are human inventions (1488)
Allegory of water walking (2199)
All-everything god is an anachronism (2506)
Allowing belief that the end is near (864)
All religions appear man made (1717)
Alternate view of what caused resurrection belief (1810)
Alzheimer’s double-edged sword (1116)
Ambiguous end times (782)
American Christian arrives for judgment (3122)
American revelation added unnecessary suffering (1802)
American Revolution violated scripture (1631)
Anachronisms pollute the Bible (2330)
Anachronistic attitude to sex (2794)
Anachronistic conquests (3103)
Anachronistic marital advice (553)
Analogy of sports fanaticism (3255)
Analogy of the colored squares (2720)
Analytical thinking promotes religious disbelief (774)
Analyzing the virgin birth (829)
Ancient Christian view of the universe (697)
Ancient gods were more interesting (2256)
Ancient Greek author illuminates early Christians (3144)
Ancient historians didn’t meet modern standards (1146)
Ancient miracles better attested than gospels (2165)
Ancient science texts are more reliable (1781)
Andromeda strain (1678)
Andronicus (2635)
Angel fantasy (3048)
Angel to the rescue for Matthew author (1364)
Angel’s Glow (3075)
Angel wings (2933)
A nobody, a rock star, or a magician (3215)
Another evolution of paganism (3066)
Another miracle gives way to chemistry (2902)
Another reformation is in progress (2701)
Anne Frank (2671)
Annotations in the Bible expose its fallibility (2084)
Answering questions not a sign of truth (2970)
Anti-abortion translation (1818)
Anti-semitism in Acts (3060)
Any sin however slight (1218)
Apocalypse of Peter (3203)
Apologetics out of control (3037)
Apostolic succession failure (3213)
Archaeology disproves Christian persecution (1883)
Architect of Christianity not a direct witness (533)
Argument from absence (1666)
Argument from design fails (3171)
Argument from entropy (1706)
Argument from inconsistent revelations (2398)
Argument of “unnecessary complexity” (404)
Arguments against Paul’s authority (2792)
Ark of the Covenant (2463)
Art of self-deception (1877)
Artificial religious experiences (587)
Asclepius (359)
Allowing the holocaust (64)
Alzheimer’s, ticks, mosquitos, parasites (327)
Amputees are not healed by prayer (1054)
Angels (46)
Animal rights (17)
Animal sacrifice (969)
Anachronism in Mark (246)
Ancient historians made things up (2687)
Annanius and Sapphira (276)
Anne Rice and the transmutation of Christianity (135)
Answers believers give for tragedies (1809)
Apocalypse scam (1249)
Apollonius of Tyana (243)
Apologist fails to explain Bible evils (2057)
Apostles Creed versus Nicene Creed (520)
Apostolic traditions not in modern Christianity (1248)
Appearances can be deceiving (3167)
Applying Occam’s Razor to Christianity (842)
Argument from consensus is fallacious (1252)
Argument from the Bible (972)
Arguments against the Trinity (2793)
Arguments for a soulless existence (1578)
Arguments for God disqualify Yahweh (2609)
Argumentum ad populum invalid for Christianity (2936)
Arrogance of eternal life (1269)
Ascension of Isaiah (1521)
Ascension reveals a primitive world view (1147)
Asherah, El’s consort (3294)
Asking the right questions about the Devil (463)
Assessing Christianity’s claim to be based on love (2454)
Assessing evidence for the resurrection (2496)
Assumption of truth (2684)
Assumption that God is good (640)
Asteroid impacts (307)
Asymmetric conversion (1992)
Asymmetry of Christian sin economy (1334)
Asymmetry of god claims (1491)
Asymmetry of sin avoidance (1083)
Athanasian Creed (1166)
Atheism is falsifiable, Christianity is not (3244)
Atheism is free from seduction (2134)
Atheism is not a choice (482)
Atheism stamped out by political force (927)
Atheism tied to cultural transmission (3142)
Atheist arguments increase Christians’ faith (855)
Atheist axioms (2200)
Atheists smarter than agnostics (2299)
Atheism can exist in only one world (2260)
Atheist children are more generous and tolerant (675)
Atheist marriages are more stable (428)
Atheist out-moralizes Yahweh (2655)
Atheist prayer (2721)
Atheist quotes bring clarity (894)
Atheists as happy as religious people (3020)
Atheists going to Heaven? (740)
Atheists going to hell is God’s fault (1961)
Atheists hold the higher moral ground (2680)
Atheists know more about religion (109)
Atom smasher proves ghosts don’t exist (1500)
Atonement analogy (1585)
Atonement is both absurd and horrible (2223)
Atonement is illogical (1935)
Avoiding the cruelest punishment (2284)
Authorial gluttony (2968)
Author of confusion (1826)
Author of Acts confuses sacarii and The Egyptian (672)
Author of Mark didn’t reveal Jesus as a god (358)
Authors put words in Jesus’s mouth (151)
Awkwardness of Sodom and Gomorrah (2895)
Autism reduces belief in religion (574)
Babies born in heaven? (973)
Baader-Meinhof phenomenon (3035)
Baby killing test (1567)
Backfire of the designer argument (813)
Bacteria and faith (1969)
Bad Jesus quotes (3241)
Bad mechanic analogy (3283)
Bad theological reasoning (3272)
Bad theology designs the god we crave (3267)
Ball drop (2579)
Bananas (959)
Baptism stories differ (1901)
Barabbas tale symbolic of Yom Kippur (1437)
Barbaric punishment for crimes (443)
Bart Ehrman changes view of mythicist evidence (891)
Basket cases (2428)
Battlefield effect (1297)
Bayes Theorem (711)
Bears in the backyard (2473)
Beasts in heaven (1936)
Beatitudes refute current Christian theology (1167)
Beatles analogy (1556)
Before and after (3137)
Beginning of life (21)
Being at war with yourself (2274)
Belief fails as a criterion for judgment (2585)
Belief in a god less compassionate (3174)
Belief in belief (2884)
Belief in Christianity is irrational (2227) 
Belief in eternity prevented nuanced justice (1887)
Belief in Hell is not consistent with normal life (1156)
Belief in Hell vs. Heaven (1109)
Belief requirement evolved over time (2790)
Belief should not be rewarded (1101)
Belief vs. actions (19)
Beliefs of supernaturalism remain unverified (1378)
Believers endow God with their beliefs (1668)
Believers have a poor grasp of the physical world (1629)
Believing fake news (1834)
Believing is easier than not believing (2564)
Best apologist can’t defend Christianity (523)
Best argument against Christianity (1553)
Bethlehem birth prophecy is false (1907)
Better plan problem (2182)
Better to marry than to burn (1170)
Betty Crocker (1551)
Bias affects historians’ view of Jesus (1090)
Bible admits it’s not inerrant (1033)
Bible affected by First Century literacy rates (915)
Bible and Quran agree about women (3193)
Bible anesthetizes skepticism (2380) 
Bible, a profound missed opportunity (2427)
Bible authors couldn’t anticipate the future (1237)
Bible authors disagree over prophecy (1891)
Bible authors flummoxed by science (2253)
Bible authors were in the dark (1776)
Bible commands to kill nonbelievers (361)
Bible condones kidnapping (1651)
Bible condones what is illegal today (1686)
Bible’s confused attitude to disease and hygiene (1389)
Bible contaminated by pseudepigraphical works (3036)
Bible content warning (231)
Bible contradictions (25)
Bible copying errors (83)
Bible diminishes God’s omnipotence (1939)
Bible does not mention the brain (946)
Bible doesn’t set the moral bar very high (1263)
Bible endorses torture (229)
Bible ends with a failed prophecy (270)
Bible explains how animals got stripes (937)
Bible factual errors (2065)
Bible fails a logical test (390)
Bible fails as a moral guide (2818)
Bible fails as a reliable source of information (3253)
Bible fails language history (1586)
Bible fails to firmly establish doctrine (585)
Bible fumbles health issues (2956)
Bible fumbles resurrection process (1863)
Bible has no respect for consent (1258)
Bible displays God’s limited communication skills (1380)
Bible in a nutshell (1687)
Bible influenced by other religions (371)
Bible is a self-destructive artifact (2789)
Bible is a set of competing stories (2099)
Bible is badly written (1817)
Bible is inconsistent on incest (1543)
Bible is irrelevant (473)
Bible- is it really holy (2150)
Bible is losing its moral relevance (2761)
Bible is mired in the crudeness of its time (2885)
Bible is not clear on doctrine (616)
Bible is not divinely inspired (2861)
Bible is not perfect nor other-worldly brilliant (1627)
Bible is not pro-child (230)
Bible is not pro-life (1516)
Bible is out of date (2257)
Bible is self-reflective and insular (994)
Bible is used to justify injurious acts (167)
Bible is wrong about the Canaanite purge (1596)
Bible literalism is impossible (2943)
Bible literalist’s nightmare (1444)
Bible makes a provably false claim (931)
Bible mirrors the mythology of its time (2581)
Bible missing real-time writings (1087)
Bible more violent than Quran (901)
Bible needs to be updated (809)
Bible not meant to be taken literally (1608)
Bible not written in the language of the participants (837)
Bible numerology (1439)
Bible places women in submission (2857)
Bible plagiarizes itself (1005)
Bible preaches acceptance of mistreatment (978)
Bible preserves superstition (2359)
Bible promotes ethnic purity (1708)
Bible promotes pedophilia (719)
Bible promotes what it should condemn (1716)
Bible Quiz (1260)
Bible reflects ancient Middle Eastern Jewish culture (490)
Bible refutes how God reveals himself (2824)
Bible repeats previous literature (665)
Bible’s answer for suffering is unclear (2026)
Bible’s attitude to sex reveals primitive authorship (357)
Bible’s biggest contradiction (1741)
Bible’s chronology criterion (2252)
Bible scholars become more liberal over time (1092)
Bible’s guide to torture (3198)
Bible should have remained a tree (2775)
Bible’s many gods (1503)
Bible’s messy infancy (3107)
Bible’s most obvious contradiction (1764)
Bible spawns human violence (556)
Bible supports flat earthers (3297)
Bible states the Earth is flat (1416)
Bible’s three strikes (2745)
Bible translation no different than any other book (2551)
Bible translations biased by Christian scribes (480)
Bible typos (655)
Bible unfit for high school study (2396)
Bible used to justify burning heretics (1050)
Bible verses duplicated (1254)
Bible vs. the Geneva Convention (2334)
Bible wonders – case dismissed (2618)
Bible written by and only by ardent believers (1361)
Bible’s biggest plot hole (2248)
Bible’s obsession with dietary laws (3250)
Biblical attitude to incest (2606)
Biblical confusion regarding hell (3178)
Biblical dermatology (2278)
Biblical ethics versus modern ethics (620)
Biblical exaggerations (2541)
Biblical family values are deplorable (1278)
Biblical gender roles (1979)
Biblical health care (2094)
Biblical incongruity regarding Jesus’s conception (484)
Biblical literalism built on secular traditions (3017)
Biblical marriage (103)
Biblical miracles (3004)
Biblical morality is relativistic (2418)
Biblical notable absences (1175)
Biblical prophecies fail authenticity test (457)
Biblical seance (2160)
Bible too poorly written to be inspired by God (1653)
Biblical unity requires no supernatural explanation (940)
Biblical value of a human life (1967)
Biblical view of agency (836)
Biblical view of childhood (2095)
Bibliolatry (216)
‘Big Rip’ defies a god-created universe (465)
Binary judgment does not work (3151)
Binding of Isaac (3058)
Biography of Jesus is impossible (2061)
Bipolar Christian god (254)
Bipolar disorder (1161)
Birth defects (340)
Birth of Christianity- in 49 AD? (479)
Black cat analogy (2587)
Black plague (81)
Blame shifting to sanction women’s subservience (355)
Blasphemy invented to cover flawed doctrine (594)
Blasphemy punishment (2649)
Blindness of early conversion (1508)
Blood and Water (1791)
Blood atonement inconsistent with Judaism (2484)
Blood curse (3184)
Blood-liquefying miracle (2641)
Blood sacrifice (79)
Blood test analogy (453)
Blurred lines (2881)
Body and soul relationship (2867)
Body/spirit split (1940)
Book-based religions eventually fail (650)
Book burning (119)
Book explosion criticizing Christianity (1310)
Book of Acts is historical fiction (370)
Book of Acts modified to make peace with Rome (989)
Book of Daniel doesn’t fulfill prophecies (503)
Book of Daniel is fiction (786)
Book of Ezra pollutes the Bible (3150)
Book of Jonah foists three myths (951)
Book of Joshua (833)
Book of Mark lies about a failed prophecy (1239)
Book of Revelation and misinterpretation (44)
Book of Revelation is of dubious legitimacy (1342)
Book of Revelation overuses the number “7” (1365)
Book of Revelation pollutes New Testament (943)
Born in Hell (1679)
Borrowed miraculous elements (8)
Borrowings from other religions (1594)
Both Baby Jesus stories are false (1928)
Boy Jesus in the temple (141)
Brain circuit for spirituality (3041)
Brain damage correlates to religiosity (1564)
Brain injury changes moral judgment (1770)
Brain structure anomalies (3153)
Brain structure determines beliefs and behavior (1174)
Brian Williams (304)
Brainless god cannot exist (2432)
Bridge collapse analogy (2740)
Broad study of religion leads to atheism (1395)
Broken promises to the Jews (2553)
Burden of defending Christianity (1825)
Bronze Age beliefs (3095)
Bronze snake pole (1931)
Burning people to death (1955)
Brown dwarf stars (866)
Calendars (1280)
Caligula versus Jesus (1725)
Calling the disciples (806)
Calming the storm (1674)
Canaanite genocide was unjustified (1481)
Can God do something that is not good?
Cannibalism in the Bible (2195)
Can’t be believed by a thinking person (762)
Car analogy (393)
Cargo cults (525)
Carnivorous animals (466)
Carpet bombing Christianity (1022)
Case against belief (2169)
Case against God (2189)
Case against onmibenevolence (2261)
Case against Pauline scripture (2179)
Case for no salvation (2993)
Case of Cassie Bernall (280)
Casting lots (1458)
Catholic child abuse scandal (111)
Catholic church practiced castration (187)
Catholic Church and condoms (902)
Celibacy and chastity (1970)
Censoring the Bible (1024)
Census of the damned (612)
Center of Christianity (292)
Challenging questions concerning the Bible (1858)
Champion conspiracy theory (2935)
Changing God (69)
Changing inconvenient teachings (136)
Changing the Bible to fit beliefs (3152)
Changing the mission of John the Baptist (205)
Changing why Jesus died (2264)
Characteristics of a cult (653)
Characteristics of a mythological religion (1305)
Characteristics of a true religion (1291)
Cheating for the Lord (2447)
Chicken soup analogy (1475)
Child indoctrination destroys Christian justice (1755)
Child mothers belie interventionalist god (1914)
Children as cancer (2961)
Children in secular families fare better (253)
Children of same sex couples fare just as well (434)
Children’s books reveal untruth of Christianity (1655)
Child paradox (2969)
Child sacrifice condoned by God (505)
Child suffering not important to God (2815)
Chimeras (2119)
Chosen people (41)
Chreia or Progymnastmata (1206)
Chresto not Jesus, Chrestians not Christians (2648)
Christian apologetics (134)
Christian apologists are deceptive (2672)
Christian arrogance (2802)
Christianity before Paul (1998)
Christian attitude toward homosexuality (2097)
Christian belief based on false premise (235)
Christian belief is all words, not action (449)
Christian belief is based on subjective reasoning (2864)
Christian beliefs about disease cause death (444)
Christian Bible made sense….for it’s time (848)
Christian ‘born again’ meme was plagiarized (1535)
Christian bullying (2669)
Christian challenge (2522)
Christian church demonized pagan knowledge (388)
Christian cognitive dissonance (2652)
Christian concepts collide in wake of tragedies (1369)
Christian creationist illogicality (2106)
Christian credibility problem (2770)
Christian de-conversions should fail (364)
Christian denialism (3287)
Christian dilemma- obedience or sacrifice? (2488)
Christian divorces more rooted in immorality (1937)
Christian doctrine pushed by a pagan emperor (1526)
Christian dominance due to military might (899)
Christian elites afflicted with psychotic disorders (1989)
Christian euphemisms (1851)
Christian evidence not admissible in court (530)
Christian exclusivism (1786)
Christian failsafes (2601)
Christian fatalism (2631)
Christian forgiveness inferior to Islam/Judaism (2327)
Christian forgiveness is nonsensical (2241)
Christian god cannot exist without Bible inerrancy (3277)
Christian god false on four counts (952)
Christian god flunks four question test (898)
Christian god is a loser (861)
Christian god is an insult to godhood (2075)
Christian god is a random Israeli selection (225)
Christian god is an idiot (1821)
Christian god is a snowflake (3009)
Christian god laid bare by Mark Twain (924)
Christian god meets criteria of “religion” (107)
Christian god peddles end times expectancy (602)
Christian hate groups (133)
Christian hype is unfounded (3251) 
Christian hypocrisy regarding prayers (188)
Christianisation of the Roman Empire (2715)
Christian ‘miracles’ inhabit probabilistic fringes (2863)
Christian sarcophagi contradicts scripture (2149)
Christians believing their luck will change (3021)
Christians reversing the burden of proof (3039)
Christian tampering with Jewish scripture (1387)
Christian values (1889)
Christian war against gender fluidity (981)
Christianity and sociopathy (2678)
Christianity and the BITE model (2987)
Christianity as a fairy tale (1749)
Christianity & sanity are not compatible (409)
Christianity became paganized (904)
Christianity began in Galilee (2404)
Christianity bends to science, not vice versa (2399)
Christianity benefits too many people to die (2999)
Christianity bit its tail (2567)
Christianity can only exist if it’s false (1017)
Christianity changed Judaism’s Satan (2036)
Christianity could not have been God’s plan (1114)
Christianity denigrates human wisdom (550)
Christianity destroys  minds (1446)
Christianity did not flow out of Judaism (1637)
Christianity discourages adult reason (105)
Christianity, does it make sense? (1020)
Christianity exploits human frailty (373)
Christianity exploits need for intimacy (526)
Christianity falsely claims source of morality (888)
Christianity fails a critical test (604)
Christianity fails a test of simple observation (2245)
Christianity fails the test of logical game theory (781)
Christianity fails to improve or be clarified (583)
Christianity falls apart in the face of evil (1432)
Christianity fears… (208)
Christianity feeds infantile needs (2846)
Christianity follows, not leads social change (152)
Christianity functions just like a false religion (3226)
Christianity harms children (1947)
Christianity has all the characteristics of a cult (1873)
Christianity has died a hundred times (843)
Christianity has no effect on marital success (198)
Christianity introduced nothing new (1405)
Christianity is a caged bear… for now (731)
Christianity is a death cult (1016)
Christianity is a failed religion (1813)
Christianity is a perversion of the human psyche (1037)
Christianity is a reflection of early sun worship (1036)
Christianity is a rigged scheme (2254)
Christianity is a sick belief system (1533)
Christianity is a totalitarian belief (2778)
Christianity is based on political propaganda (1222)
Christianity is becoming obsolete (707)
Christianity is both false and immoral (1915)
Christianity is callous toward poverty (979)
Christianity is Flavian vanity (934)
Christianity is inequitable (2595)
Christianity is in its death throes (1071)
Christianity is intolerant (2426)
Christianity is invalid (2401)
Christianity is not a recipe for ethical living (3070)
Christianity is not really monotheistic (2108)
Christianity is rooted in fascism (456)
Christianity is the ultimate conspiracy theory (935)
Christianity is Yahwism 2.0 (2389)
Christianity lacks a convergence point (1304)
Christianity lacks attributes of real history (608)
Christianity lacks orthodoxy (1008)
Christianity lacks these things (896)
Christianity looks like it was all made up (795)
Christianity maintains a set of fictions (930)
Christianity makes people violent (2998)
Christianity maligns human dignity (570)
Christianity misconstrued Judaism (2357)
Christianity misidentified the cause of disease (558)
Christianity more irrational than Judaism or Islam (1793)
Christianity must concede some obvious truths (1398)
Christianity needs government support (1667)
Christianity obsessed with war and death threats (1259)
Christianity ‘offers’ a compulsory relationship (2886)
Christianity only works for a cherry picker (433)
Christianity originated from a bunch of losers (1498)
Christianity over-relies on human testimony (1911)
Christianity peddles paternalism (1267)
Christianity perverts justice (3146)
Christianity produces sexual misery (339)
Christianity promotes a new science (2572)
Christianity promotes evil (3289)
Christianity promotes suffering (753)
Christianity proves the concept of evolution (908)
Christianity provokes marital rape (671)
Christianity pushes penis insecurity (2973)
Christianity rejects Jesus’s message (89)
Christianity renders morality irrelevant (3149)
Christianity requires a massive support structure (2346)
Christianity requires immaterial intelligence (1652)
Christianity reshaped by Romans, Americans (886)
Christianity says nothing about reality (2288)
Christianity’s big ten syllogistic failures (2085)
Christianity’s brilliant marketing strategy (2105)
Christianity’s claim of monotheism is meaningless (1026)
Christianity’s crumbling foundation (1805)
Christianity’s dozen painful facts (2676)
Christianity’s early diversity (1718)
Christianity’s eternity problem (2650)
Christianity’s evolving theological constructions (416)
Christianity’s fatal flaw (1848)
Christianity’s fatal paradox (2965)
Christianity’s genealogy subterfuge (2062)
Christianity’s god is a crybaby (1750)
Christianity’s greatest crime (2924)
Christianity should have exploded out of the box (3263)
Christianity’s immune system (236)
Christianity’s low cost (1357)
Christianity’s mistreatment of children (726)
Christianity’s money scam (2670)
Christianity’s offer of eternal life is a lie (441)
Christianity’s persecution complex (2092)
Christianity’s principal foundation is fear (1993)
Christianity’s problems – a summary (1505)
Christianity’s problem with alien life (1986)
Christianity’s role in the Holocaust (2666)
Christianity’s role in the supernaturality fraud (1268)
Christianity’s roots (2896)
Christianity spawns the dark ages (102)
Christianity’s number one crime (1207)
Christianity’s rank dishonesty (2971)
Christianity’s record (113)
Christianity rejects equal relationships (3126)
Christianity’s sanctity of life problem (2554)
Christianity’s sinister use of money (3038)
Christianity started as an end-of-the-world cult (571)
Christianity stole baptism from pagan traditions (2111)
Christianity’s traits make it less likely to be true (1658)
Christianity’s twinning problem (3299)
Christianity’s unbroken record of failure (1597)
Christianity supports torture (128)
Christianity suppressed medical progress (984)
Christianity suppresses secular education (252)
Christianity surrenders too much ground (742)
Christianity survived by stifling integration (750)
Christianity’s track record (2996)
Christianity’s use of the hero/villain mythotype (1501)
Christianity usurps the benefit of fiction (2990)
Christianity’s war on science (2692)
Christianity’s war on women (2748)
Christianity: The advertisement (3240)
Christianity- the big picture (600)
Christianity- the missing evidence (598)
Christianity traffics sexual guilt (826)
Christianity uses tools not needed if it was true (1449)
Christianity values Jesus’s death, not life (192)
Christianity vs. Buddhism (101)
Christianity was born out of End Times failure (1780)
Christianity was designed to grow rapidly (717)
Christianity was one of 30 competing sects (2494)
Christianity was used to murder women (2712)
Christian logic defied by Japanese (1768)
Christian magic was a product of its time (2607)
Christian marriages (1956)
Christian martyrdom is unimpressive (517)
Christian mind control (1029)
Christian missionaries condemn people (279)
Christian morality (92)
Christian morality vs. Mohavira (125)
Christian persecution by Nero is a myth (1917)
Christian prayer is irrational (1397)
Christian ‘proofs’ just claims for deism (562)
Christian racketeering (997)
Christian researchers fail to authenticate “God” (224)
Christian salvation doctrine fails logic test (1383)
Christians and charity (1576)
Christians and government social programs (197)
Christians are afraid to read the Bible (744)
Christians are brainwashed to accept genocide (1325)
Christians are not changed (2823)
Christians are polytheistic (1528)
Christians are slaves (636)
Christians are voluntary slaves (2765)
Christians as vampires (266)
Christians borrowed pagan art (2816)
Christian scholars rely on loose standards (1456)
Christian scholarship is censored (1909)
Christians claim some scriptures are not literal (331)
Christians cling to this life (194)
Christians concocted original sin out of thin air (1798)
Christians consistently on wrong side of history (440)
Christians disbelieving the virgin birth (3187)
Christians dismiss other resurrection claims (1492)
Christians don’t believe Bible is the word of God (1752)
Christians don’t believe in Hell (1007)
Christians don’t believe in NT demonics (3055)
Christians don’t believe in Yahweh (1702)
Christians don’t get morals from God or the Bible (3175)
Christians don’t know what scholars do (1183)
Christians don’t hold holidays Jesus celebrated (2986)
Christians don’t recognize those of other eras (1293)
Christian scriptures were not kept in libraries (377)
Christian scholarship is censored (1909)
Christians defend a helpless god (859)
Christian sensitivity indicates fragile belief (700)
Christians fear doubting their faith (493)
Christians forbidden to read the Bible (579)
Christians ignore eleven types of scriptures (2559)
Christian sin paradigm inconsistent w/evolution (1659)
Christians know better than Jesus (3141)
Christians know Jesus was wrong about divorce (1327)
Christians must admit that Satan is a god (1645)
Christians must desensitize themselves (2367)
Christians outnumber atheists in prison (199)
Christians massacre Jews over the plague (2333)
Christians praise a god less moral than themselves (1451)
Christians reject science but use its benefits (1299)
Christians revise the word of Jesus (330)
Christians say God made them the chosen people (1153)
Christians should hope faith healings are fake (2711)
Christians stole a religion not intended for them (1994)
Christians stole Winter Solstice holiday (338)
Christians take OT literally, Jews don’t (386)
Christians, unlike Jews, took the Bible literally (1032)
Christians used the Bible to defend segregation (494)
Christians worship ancient Jewish tribal leader (423)
Christian view of gods (537)
Christian world vs. real world (2)
Christmas is better than Christ (1408)
Chromosome 2 and the death of creationism (1256)
Chronological problems with the synoptic gospels (1279)
Chronology and geography of religions (122)
Chronology: Resurrection to Ascension (631)
Church and domestic abuse (3016)
Church councils were contradictory (1113)
Churches do not exhibit supernaturalism (2735)
Churches reluctant to use lightning rods (1336)
Church leaders attitudes toward women (1052)
Church took advantage of evolution ignorance (2067)
Church viral spread (2369)
Circumcision (70)
Circumcision, menstruation, and gender equality (1952)
Claimed sources of god-knowledge not credible (2927)
Cleaning past history (452)
Cleaning up embarrassing issues (299)
Clement, the first Pope, didn’t view Jesus as a man (1075)
Clergy committing crimes cannot believe in God (1141)
Clergy committing the sin of silence (211)
Clergy Project (1808)
Cliff analogy of Christian morality (1987)
Closed world of god belief (1753)
Closer to being messiah than Jesus (643)
Cog-dis reduction and the resurrection (2523)
Cognitive flexibility (2677)
Cognitive inhibition (470)
Cognitive versus intuitive thinking (464)
Coherence (690)
Coincidence and its misleading role (1319)
Collapsed bridge analogy (2296)
Competition of gods (156)
Comparing gospels to Tacitus works (375)
Comparing miracle claims (2230)
Comparing truth claims of different religions (2081)
Comparison of skeptics (1581)
Complicated natural processes (2350)
Conception of Jesus (1399)
Concept of God has changed over time (2527)
Condemnation of gays and effeminate (446)
Condensed history of religion (2113)
Conditions needed  for Christianity to make sense (424)
Conflicting creation stories (2269)
Conflicting eschatology (2507)
Conflicting resurrection stories (222)
Conflicting stories about Moses (2346)
Confusing method of salvation (545)
Confusion over Old Testament applicability (639)
Conjoined twins (1714)
Consensus reality (2722)
Conscious mind goes along for the ride (2144)
Consistency of religious texts (3140)
Constantine saved and destroyed Christianity (2440)
Constantine was a butcher and a psychopath (398)
Contradiction about the Canaanite expulsion (1522)
Contradiction cannot exist in reality (1425)
Contradiction on how to attain eternal life (291)
Contradictory genealogies (117)
Convenient defenses of Christianity (2047)
Conversions from Christian to Atheist (629)
Convoluted path to salvation (1205)
Core theory (1477)
Corrupted love of Christianity (411)
Corrupting Paul’s letter (1187)
Cosmological argument failure (1688)
Covering up God  burning people to death (3179)
COVID-19 and 19 months of prayer (3112)
COVID-19 deaths by religious group (2511)
COVID proof test (3057)
COVID-19 religion test case (2762)
Cowessess massacre (3026)
Creating God in one’s image (1572)
Creating urgency (2162)
Creation claim failure (2287)
Creation of the devil (272)
Crediting other religions to credit Christianity (3091)
Credulity (2210)
Credulity test (3051)
Criterion of embarrassment (2731)
Critical thinking turned off in religious minds (1072)
Croatian Holocaust (2127)
(A) crucial contradiction (104)
Crucifixion fiction (245)
Crucifixion stories are mythical (1344)
Cruel and unusual punishment (2190)
Cruelty in the New Testament (3027)
(The) crux of the matter (178)
Cryonics conundrum (1110)
Cutting off a woman’s hand (2348)
Cult of Asclepius (359)
Cultural diffusion influenced Christianity (1923)
Cumulative effect of prayer is zilch (739)
Curiosity + Investigation = Atheism (964)
Curious tale of Jesus’s missing body (1434)
Curse of Ham (3177)
Cutoff (2865)
Current urban legends foreshadow biblical stories (210)
Dan Barker’s challenge (849)
Daniel in the lion’s den (823)
Darwin’s deal breaker (2526)
Dating the Gospel of Mark (3231)
David Hume’s logic (878)
David Koresh- another Jesus (522)
Dead men stay dead (1590)
Dead sea scrolls and OT problems (191)
Dead Sea Scrolls do not mention Jesus (1241)
Death awareness led to invention of the soul (1870)
Death of female gods (1762)
Death of inerrancy (2424)
Death premonition dreams (2281)
Debunking apologist second coming excuses (1453)
Debunking argument from consciousness (2849)
Debunking fallacy (2989)
Debunking the local flood theory (2760)
Declaration versus demonstration (2385)
Deconstructing Christian beliefs (2023)
Deconstructing Paul’s appearances claim (2072)
De-conversion experience (716)
Decree that launched 1500 years of mayhem (2682)
Defects of memory (2071)
Defense of Christianity is unremarkable (2758)
Defenses of Christians’ bad behavior are lame (1103)
Defenses of the Christian faith (2524)
Defiling biblical values (2073)
Dehumanizing effect of Christianity (397)
Deification of Jesus moves back in time (436)
Deification of mortal humans is commonplace (681)
Deifying Mary (2757)
Deism is the only rational theism (3087)
Deism or atheism (2540)
Deity-based religion stems from hallucination (1423)
Delayed documentation of the gospels (11)
Deliberate scripture fabrication (84)
Demand for perfection (2236)
Demise of Jewish Christianity (3280)
De-mystification of consciousness (1448)
Demon-man overpowers seven men (577)
Demon possession in New but not Old Testament (584)
Demon possession not recognized by courts (652)
Demons speaking (1179)
Denominations that discourage medical care (2319)
Depravity baseline (2786)
Describing God (1518)
Designed world could be different
Desire-based belief (471)
Desire to believe (1616)
Destroying excuses for biblical slavery (2829)
Destroying the Lewis trilemma (2754)
Destruction of records (820)
Development of the Bible (2784)
Devil and typos (3014)
Devil blamed for Christianity’s plagiarism (909)
Didache- the canary in the mine (622)
Did God change or did he deceive (2046)
Did Yahweh initially fail to identify himself? (2096)
Died-Again Christian syndrome (1333)
Dietary law s discrepancy (1902)
Differing causes for the crucifixion (2010)
Difficult questions for the faithful (776)
Diminishing recitable verses (702)
Dinosaurs (317)
Dionysus and Jesus parallels (536)
Direct speech (2011)
Disappearance of important events (1904)
Disciples actions inconsistent (554)
Disciples couldn’t have written the gospels (1127)
Disciples fictitious missionary journey (887)
Disciples just got up and left? (872)
Disciples’ skepticism questioned (2063)
Discrepancy in date of crucifixion (1888)
Discrepancy in time of crucifixion  (1864)
Disguising God’s name (3242)
Dishonor thy father and thy mother (3208)
Disillusioned Christian time travelers (1403)
Dismissing better documented miracle claims (1464)
Disparate writing styles in biblical books (77)
Dispelling the relevancy of 2 Peter 1:20-21 (3043)
Disproportionate punishment (2192)
Dissecting the ‘perfect’ prayer (2621)
Dissociative Identity Disorder (1507)
Dissonance reduction (2392)
Distorting scripture to equate Jesus with God (1648)
Divergence of style in John (1790)
Divine command theory failure (2221)
Divine confusion (2415)
Divine hiddenness (2737)
Divine Miscommunication (1316)
Divine mysteries should not exist (2929)
DMT causes belief  in a  higher power
DNA speaks (3084)
DNA testing disproves weeping statue miracles (1349)
Doctrinal clarity (2842)
Doctrine of atonement not in first 3 gospels (487)
Donations to help the poor and needy (110)
Donkey prophecy (2064)
Don’t call anyone on earth ‘father’ (1905)
Door (3211)
Double-edge sword of miracles (686)
Double failure of Matthew 2:23 (278)
Double standard of Christian faith claims (858)
Doublethink (1978)
Doubt is the only reasonable position (2411)
Doubting Thomas contradiction (3069)
Dover Area School District vs Kitzmiller (796)
Dracula/ Vlad the Impaler are analogous to Jesus (1532)
Dragon Man (3028)
Dr. Charles Templeton (923)
Dreams (474)
Drop in miracles after invention of video capture (1411)
Dying dog analogy (2563)
Dualism’s demise (1512)
Duplicate Bible verses (1254)
Early Christianity suppressed science (824)
Early Christianity was fueled by hallucinogens (2706)
Early Christians denied the Trinity (2930)
Early Christians did not believe Jesus was man (1233)
Early Christians did not use a cross (1745)
Early Christians “dumb superstitions” (7)
Early Christians manipulated the historical record (1473)
Early Christians prosecuted, not persecuted (2206)
Early Christians take over pagan shrines (155)
Early Christians were more brutal than the Romans (800)
Early church fathers would be heretical today (2629)
Early diversity is not a good sign (3192)
Early documents know the least about Jesus (1285)
Early gospels de-emphasized miraculous healings (2558)
Early New Testament writings destroyed (1350)
Early reports of resurrection were not convincing (2604)
Early tampering (2707)
Ear-slicing fiction (2030)
Earth in an insignificant part of the universe (312)
Earthly reward/punishment controlled by humans (437)
Ease of creating scripture (871)
Easily accessed info causes decline in belief (378)
Ebionites (435)
Editing out a contradiction (1466)
Editing the canon (2001)
Editor’s fatigue (2339)
Education smothers religious belief (2435)
Egoistic freedom vs. authoritarian compassion (2860)
Egyptian gods at work (1570)
Egypt prophecy failure (2025)
Eight sources of morality (2883)
Eight-step slam dunk (2167)
Element creation (stellar nucleosynthesis, or fusion) (461)
Elephant and the lie detector (2809)
Elephantine papyri cast doubt on Torah historicity (2295)
Elevating belief over skepticism (3050)
Elevating Peter to Paul’s status (2826)
Elijah is carried up into heaven (1235)
Elvis Presley (531)
Embarrassment criterion (2328)
Embellished stories propagate faster (941)
Embellishing Jesus’s burial (1792)
Emperor is naked (2364)
Empty promise of heaven (264)
Empty tomb announced by women or not? (939)
Empty tomb theme was common (2008)
Encouragement of war and famine (265)
Ending the flow of life (165)
End is near? (1899)
End-of-life brain chemistry (2531)
End of the road for Christianity (1322)
Enlightenment ended religious brutality (2552)
Ensoulment (2051)
Epicurus (321)
Epilepsy is caused by evil spirits (1317)
Epistemic distance argument fails (1300)
Epistle of James not written by Jesus’s brother (1347)
Erasing history (1711)
Erasing Jesus’s baptism (1930)
Escape velocity (2825)
Essenes and Greeks elevated Satan’s status (1951)
Establishing belief thresholds (2612)
Eternal damnation of apostates (727)
Etermal life gimmick (2619)
Euhemerism (561)
Eusebius lies about Mark (2746)
Eusebius- the great forger (458)
Evaluating God’s existence/characteristics (2768)
Evaluating standards of evidence (2845)
Events in NT copied from OT (328)
Events reported in only one gospel (892)
Everybody must get stoned (3183)
Evidence against a soul (80)
Evidence against a soul- split brain patients (644)
Evidence claims debunked (1001)
Evidence for Jesus worse than for Julius Caesar (1160)
Evidence for the resurrection (2118)
Evidence from politics (1833)
Evidence- importance mismatch (2258)
Evidence precludes unchanging god (2446)
Evidence supplied vs. standard of belief (1272)
Evidence that Jesus’ nativity is lore (2089)
Evidence that we do not survive death (868)
Evidence of Christian polytheism (838)
Evidential factor (1650)
Evil god makes as much sense as a good god (3001)
Evil in his mane (2502)
Evil nature of God (5)
Evil spirits (13)
Evolution (329)
Evolution and Christianity cannot both be true (1471)
Evolution demarcation (39)
Evolution of a Christian’s prayers (1885)
Evolution of apology (1575)
Evolution of belief in the afterlife (1308)
Evolution of Christian doctrine (793)
Evolution of earliest writings about Jesus (968)
Evolution of Jesus’ birth (2685)
Evolution of Judeo-Christian polytheism (755)
Evolution of Marian myths (985)
Evolution of Yahweh (334)
Evolution of Satan (1934)
Evolutionary tree of religion (945)
Evolved Jesus (1605)
Evolving story of Jesus’s internment (239)
Ex-Christian conundrum (2804)
Excuses (220)
Excuse immorality by historical context is a failure (2962)
Existence of agnostics (703)
Existence of debates (1502)
Existence of God is objectively improbable (2460)
Existence of intelligent doubters (123)
Existence of science (314)
Exorcism trick (1728)
Expansion of the universe (2934)
Exploiting the fear of death (1681)
External condemnation and forgiveness (610)
Extinction of species (306)
Extoling suffering to mask impotence of faith (2891)
Extracting legitimate evidence for Christianity (1494)
Extrapolation of scripture (1283)
Extrasolar planets (319)
Eyeglasses were not yet invented (2049)
Eyewitnesses collaborate (1588)
Eyewitnesses dead at time of first gospel (706)
Exaggerating Roman debauchery  (2483)
Examining modern day headlines (2852)
Exekiel was a crazy shaman (1545)
Existence of multiple languages (1580)
Excluding the event that got Jesus killed (1814)
Exodus fiction undermines Christianity (3030)
Exorcism by telepathy (1794)
Explaining why the universe has no cause (2834)
Explanations for unanswered prayers are absurd (3047)
Eyewitnesses of Jesus rejected him (591)
Fabricated apostles death stories (223)
Fabricated discourse in John (1673)
Fabricated snake story in the Book of Acts (485)
Fabricating a preposterous casualty count (821)
Fabricating Elijiah’s return (527)
Fact checking (88)
Facts needed to convince an atheist (1534)
Fading uniqueness of humans (260)
Failing uniqueness of human biology (1409)
Failed defenses of the Bible’s embarrassments (1761)
Failed end of world predictions (395)
Failed messages from God (1158)
Failed prophecies can spawn new religions (2838)
Failed prophecies in the bible (120)
Failed prophecies reveal the Bible’s fallibility (1228)
Failed prophecies in the book of Daniel (503)
Failure of Christians’ basis for belief (468)
Failure of Christians to be better people (422)
Failure of divine command (2576)
Failure of modern Christians to conform (100)
Failure of testable claims (1465)
Failure of the free will argument (1944)
Failure of the Golden Rule (568)
Failure of the minimal facts theory (3220)
Failure of unambiguous prayer (335)
Failure to communicate led to massive bloodshed (854)
Failure to define the unforgivable sin (2980)
Failure to heal paralysis (803)
Failure to return (6)
Faith conundrum (1563)
Faith counterargument (2542)
Faith healers avoid hospitals (815)
Faith healers retreat into their mansions (2475)
Faith healing and death (108)
Faith in hearsay (2734)
Faith maintenance (1282)
Faith makes people impervious to reason (2444)
Faith of Abraham, Moses, apostles not impressive (2429)
Faith of the Roman centurion (344)
Faith stripped down (2115)
Faith versus medical science (2854)
Faith versus other virtues (2591)
Fallacies of a popular verse (2888)
Fallacy of crediting the number of manuscripts (1298)
Fallacy of dismissing the Old Testament (912)
Fallacy of feeling God’s presence (850)
Fallacy of God’s ‘love’ (547)
Fallacy of Jesus’ love command (1971)
Fallacy of personal revelation (2627)
Fallacy of the empty tomb argument (1613)
Fallacy of the free gift (2120)
Fallibility of memory (1049)
False beliefs hard to shake (1783)
False statement becomes true (2890)
False use of scripture by Peter (572)
False messiahs doom societies (2801)
Famous Americans expressed religious doubt (965)
Fatal flaws in the ascension story (277)
Fatima miracle of the sun (2317)
Feeding the multitudes problem (2198)
Fewer people are praying (1057)
Fetal rapture (2042)
Fictional crucifixion story (366)
Fictional stories (61)
Fictional story of Pentecost (544)
Fictional story of Peter’s denial (607)
Fictional story to change dietary laws (2373)
Fictitious drought (548)
Fictitious story of the thief on the cross (413)
Fifteen days with Peter (2243)
Fifty reasons to dislike Jesus (1953)
Fighting against the Bible’s irrelevancy (2982)
Fig tree in NT is allegorical (1213)
Filioque (2448)
Finding Jesus (2436)
Finding the black cat (1573)
Fine-tuning God (3007)
Fine tuning is an argument for atheism (957)
Fine tuning wilts under science (3154)
Fire-breathing dragon (651)
First and Second Peter are forgeries (857)
First Christian apologist (799)
First goal of a god (2932)
First five Bible books are fiction (2425)
Five-fold challenge (963)
Five options (2717)
Five kings (3185)
Five views of Jesus (592)
Flash episodes of atheism (2741)
Flat tire analogy (2555)
Flaw of original sin (2697)
Flaws in the account of Jesus’s trial (78)
Flip side of Pascal’s wager (138)
Flood is all you need (3165)
Following the Bible is either criminal or insane (1099)
Folly of a personal relationship with Jesus (1104)
Folly of marrying Genesis with science (718)
Folly of worshiping God (495)
Forced convergence (1623)
Forensic science versus evolution (2900)
Forged ending in the Gospel of Mark (33)
Forged letters present a problem (2728)
Forged Pauline epistles should not be in the Bible (1371)
Forgery dooms women’s ordination (715)
Forgery in 1 Corinth. negates women’s ordination (504)
Forgery of John chapter 21 (376)
Forgery silences women in church (1643)
Forgery to legitimize doctrine of the trinity (298)
Forgery to make Jesus divine at birth (1499)
Forgetting the feeding of the many (90)
Forgiveness incongruity (2536)
Forgiveness or not? (1227)
Form Jesus will take on his return (3246)
Forty ways Christianity poisons the world (1890)
Foundational bias leads to logical fallacies (1292)
Four brick walls separate us from Jesus’ words (2616)
Four-count knockout of Christianity (1824)
Four gods (1386)
Four gods of Christianity (1664)
Four hurdles to martyrdom (3062)
Four reasons to disbelieve in God (1758)
Four reasons why Yahweh does not exist (3212)
Fourth dimension (1601)
Fraternal birth-order effect (1641)
Freak accidents (2140)
Freedom of thought (1274)
Free will argument failure (2978)
Free will cannot absolve God of evil (1634)
Freewill is an illusion (817)
Friend shooting heroin analogy (3266)
From Jesus to Constantine (2417)
Fusion, stellar nucleosynthesis (element creation) (461)
Galaxy collision belies a designer (734)
Galileo (323)
Gamification of salvation (3155)
Gandhi paradox (420)
Gaslighting (2218)
Gay conversion therapy (1082)
Gendered god is a red flag (2340)
General anesthesia shows non-existence of a soul (1460)
Genesis author missed a very important point (1470)
Genesis error explained (1713)
Genesis liberal view of creation fails nevertheless (953)
Genetic disorders (1413)
Gilgamesh and Noah (2450)
Giordano Bruno (990)
“Give up the Bible”- John Wesley (736)
Glorifying genocide (3290)
Glossolalia and science (2204)
Gnostic Christians (1797)
God admits he’s one of many gods (356)
God aggrandizes himself at the expense of mortals (987)
God allegedly uses mass revelations (1995)
God allows gratuitous suffering (704)
God allows spokespeople to say awful things (352)
God and Charles Manson (2239)
God and evil (2859)
God and horrendous suffering (3121)
God and Joseph Mengele (2926)
God and the fourth dimension (549)
God and rape (2545)
God and Republicans (1669)
God and Satan are partners (1287)
God and the Flood (1849)
God and the perpetual miracle (2087)
God and totalitarianism (2985)
God and World War I (1847)
God as a bad father (3256)
God as a man (50)
God as an infant baby (67)
God becomes hamstrung by a curse (3186)
God came to Earth and nothing changed (190)
God can’t add to the Bible w/o revealing himself (3219)
God causes violation of the 10 commandments (168)
God beliefs are ego-centric (512)
God can no longer answer prayers (1760)
God cannot be human-centered (3291)
God cares less about conversion than do Christians (851)
God changes forgiveness paradigm (2520)
God changes mind about women rulers (1366)
God chooses the most brutal option (2869)
God command conundrum (1610)
God commands worship from beings he created (936)
God compared to a mother’s love (2498)
God condemns himself (1592)
God condones child sacrifice (505)
God contradicts Jesus’ parables (2007)
God controls who can come to Jesus (646)
God creation has been symmetric (1587)
God defeats free will to support genocide (2546)
God defined by the effectiveness of prayer (1307)
God delivers the ‘real’ Bible (2533)
God demands both faith and non-faith (2944)
God did not select the books of the Bible (499)
God discriminates against people with afflictions (732)
God dishonors pure faith (919)
God disqualifies himself as a god (1177)
God, does he know everything? (1119)
God doesn’t care about everybody equally (2921)
God doesn’t do his best to save us (3163)
God encourages confusion and division (1345)
God endorses what he later condemns (3189)
God enjoys the aroma of burning flesh (1295)
God equation of Gospel of John (24)
God failed to communicate (1981)
God failed to inspire bible translators (790)
God fails important prayer test (1561)
God fails to arrest apostasy (1782)
God fails to deliver an error-free book (429)
God fails to deliver evidentiary needs (1408)
God fails to enlighten the faithful about disease (221)
God fails to give a clear message (16)
God fails to give a definite sign of existence (345)
God fails to improve the morals of the Israelites (454)
God fails to make foolish the wisdom of the world (737)
God fails to manage followers (150)
God fails to pick the right Popes (472)
God fails to promote human rights (382)
God fails to protect Christian missionaries (1876)
God fails to protect ‘his own’ (163)
God fails to protect original Gospel manuscripts (406)
God fails to provided expected protection (2812)
God fails to respond to tests/challenges (354)
God fails to stop evil done in his name (1583)
God fails to use modern technology (1722)
God follows, not leads, humans (3092)
God flunks the design of the human eye (1554)
God forbids Christmas trees (914)
God: from the sublime to the ridiculous (1381)
God gene (2394)
God gives a sign that he withholds today (1614)
God gives conflicting messages through prayer (200)
God gives us no tools of discernment (3015)
God goes mute (2568)
God guilty of crime he accuses the damned (1744)
God had to know which books to inspire (293)
God hardens pharaoh’s heart to show off (203)
God has no interest in non-Jews (1879)
God has no need to forgive humans (1737)
God has traits of an abuser (2107)
God has witnessed every child molestation (1028)
God hates cross-dressing (3278)
God inflicts the practice of cannibalism (735)
God insensitive to deadly misunderstanding (1220)
God invention theory (2215)
God is afflicted with a mental disorder (3273)
God is a bully (2957)
God is a dictator (1056)
God is a disappointment (3022)
God is a horrible ‘teacher’ (1277)
God is a moral relativist (3067)
God is a poor parent (2580)
God is a psychopath (3029)
God is a reflection of those who invented him (1855)
God is a sadist (2516)
God is cruel (1748)
God is either good or mysterious (2371)
God is either limited or evil (1884)
God is immoral (1867)
God is incompetent and lazy (2960)
God is inconsistent compared to his creation (2856)
God is inefficient (3281)
God is limited, apathetic, or non-existent (2843)
God is love? (1273)
God is more callous to pain than humans (412)
God is not a nice person (1959)
God is not anthropocentric (3138)
God is not in control (1150)
God is NOT love (2203)
God is not omniscient or there’s no free will (1038)
God is not part of the universe (310)
God is not pro-life (2539)
God is not required to stop evil, but humans are (1773)
God is not the source of morality (1642)
God is not very smart (2490)
God is obsessed with trivial things (875)
God is remorseful (1094)
God is responsible for all evil (2335)
God is responsible for sending people to Hell (802)
God is Satan? (1942)
God is the author of confusion (2361)
God kills children of sinners (2244)
God kills to make people follow him (1211)
God left humanity stranded (2964)
God makes flawed people, demands perfection (597)
God makes it hard to believe (1184)
God makes people less moral (1021)
God needs anger management therapy (3252)
God not needed for origin of life (1983)
God of Judaism irreconcilable with Christian god (2175)
God offers no pandemic relief to his own (2556)
God of metallurgy (2976)
God ops out of the criminal justice system (384)
God orders adultery (1622)
God places his needs above ours (1921)
God plays with shit (1455)
God promises to rape women (3209)
God promotes abortion as a form of punishment (1200)
God punishes people for how they’re born (159)
God pursued a losing proposition (1391)
God refuses to address gay marriage (2291)
God requires the spilling of blood to forgive (677)
God reverses the Earth’s rotation (1201)
God santioned polygamy (613)
God-Satan fallacy (590)
God speaks in second or third person (3089)
God streaks for Moses (1692)
God, the detailist (2467)
God the dominator, Christians the submissives (2044)
God, the mind reader (962)
God values only certain lives (960)
God’s abominable dealings with Samson (1542)
God’s accommodation failure (1584)
God’s actions show he is not omnipotent (1370)
God’s advice for dealing with an unsolved murder (1062)
God’s anger quenched by prayer (2628)
Gods become more distant over time (766)
God’s belated retribution order (971)
God’s caprice for killing (1225)
God’s cure for leprosy (637)
God’s delay in worship gratification (1098)
God’s different concept of personhood (228)
God’s diminishing power (218)
Gods do not pray (1117)
God’s emotional dilemma (1620)
God sends most people to Hell (678)
God favors Israelites, men, and virgins (1266)
God’s actions harm innocent people (1415)
God’s anger belies his omnipotence (2557)
God’s attitude in everyday vernacular (2079)
God’s default emotion is wrath (2577)
God’s ethical defects (2068)
God’s failure to stop deceptive information (149)
God’s family values (2024)
God’s flood plan failed (2355)
God’s final act of genocide (1197)
God’s gender problem (1918)
God’s god (2890)
God’s grievous error (1778)
God’s hygiene (1743)
God’s imperfect plan (49)
God’s incompetent control of evolution (1452)
God’s inconsistent grace (227)
God’s inconsistent revelations (1144)
God’s inconsistent support of Jews (189)
God’s inefficient use of intermediaries (1844)
God’s inferior rules for evidence (1920)
Gods invented for indulgent reasons (2880)
God’s killing strategy makes no sense (2395)
God’s letter (2941)
God’s limited communication (2083)
God’s loathsome view of women (1649)
God’s misplaced involvement (2238)
God’s moral compass (2704)
God’s mystifying thought process (2931)
God’s nature is inconsistent (873)
God’s narcissistic personality disorder (2005)
God’s omnipotence versus blaming Satan (3284)
God’s obsession with menstruation (679)
God’s overuse of the death penalty (126)
God’s paradox (684)
God’s plan failed (1009)
God’s plan in action (1852)
God’s Q and A (1865)
God’s racial bias (2267)
God’s receding territory (680)
God’s regret (2234)
God sees death as too light of a punishment (1155)
God’s sense of justice (1740)
God’s sickening choice (1872)
God’s short and restricted visit to the Earth (492)
Gods that die and rise (1355)
God’s to-do list (2479)
God stops inspiring writers 1900 years ago (76)
God stops responding to tests (1715)
God stops smiting (3268)
God’s treasure hunt (3025)
God’s trinity of personality disorders (2727)
God’s two wives (1965)
God’s uneven blessings (337)
God’s uneven forgiveness (1097)
God’s updated description (3195)
God supports sex slavery, polygamy (96)
God’s verdict on rape (2538)
God talking to people now vs. back then (3164)
God, the abusive boyfriend (1474)
God, the defiant king (3216)
God, the detailist (2744)
God, the dictatorial judge (2995)
God the baby killer (683)
God the incompetent CEO (2603)
God, the inept CEO (2472)
God, the pathetic engineer (1738)
God, the pedocidal monster (3214)
God the psychopath (410)
God, the pyromaniac (2499)
God, the racist (1495)
God the struggling author (95)
God used to respond to tests (3098)
God uses human methods (1733)
God vanishes after 100 AD (237)
God violates his own commandment (1966) 
God violates people’s free will (2158)
God waits centuries to tell us about Hell (1862)
God waits infinite time to make universe (309)
God was killed by the big bang (313)
God was not always all-knowing (2262)
God watches 21,000 children die (510)
God will damn some before death (1242)
“God works in mysterious ways” (476)
God worship based on ignorance (1964)
God worship indicates religion was made by man (1646)
God worshiping a fallen angel?
God would have created humans immediately (394)
Golden calf (2571)
(The) Good Book? (1958)
Gospel authors/eyewitnesses separation (2315)
Gospel authors fail to reveal sources (1537)
Gospel authors wrote like fiction writers (263)
Gospel authors unfamiliar with local geography (992)
Gospel is bad news (2351)
Gospel messages that fail the test of time (3282)
Gospel mysteries (1882)
Gospel of James (2313)
Gospel of John has no Gethsemane anguish (1066)
Gospel of John has no parables (1321)
Gospel of John is a mystical Jewish tale (1224)
Gospel of John is fiction (881)
Gospel of John issues (2280)
Gospel of John disputes virgin birth (244)
Gospel of John introduces a different Jesus (917)
Gospel of Mark is full of irony (773)
Gospel of Mark multiple endings (1463)
Gospel of Mark naked contradictions (1362)
Gospel of Peter (2393)
Gospel of Thomas suggests Jesus is mental (368)
Gospel references to demons are missing in John (491)
Gospel writers fail to fulfill prophecies (82)
Gospel writers were not eye witnesses (666)
Gospel writers were trained to produce fiction (1436)
Gospels are hagiography, not biography (2015)
Gospels are products of their time (1856)
Gospels are written like a play (1111)
Gospels do not assign unbelievers to hell (2724)
Gospels downplay Jesus’s ascension (900)
Gospels have no Hebrew or Aramaic sources (993)
Gospels lack sufficient detail (1540)
Gospels missing for 100 years after Jesus (1893)
Gospels overuse miracle claims (1541)
Gospels were written by believers (2372)
Gospels written for the less well educated (1539)
Governments assume there is no god (785)
Grab bag of religious diversity (3162)
Grading Christians using Jesus’ ‘test’
Grain of sand on the beach (2006)
Graft (2703)
Graveyard of gods (756)
Gravitational waves disprove Genesis (916)
Gravity analogy (2368)
Great Commission is a hoax (1348)
Great missed opportunity (3023)
Great news (3068)
Great Procrastinator (2478)
Great Schism of 1054 (1506)
Groupthink (2491)
Growing fish (23)
Growing legend of Joseph of Arimathea (2060)
Growth of false religions (2302)
Guided evolution is a folly (2573)
Gullibility factor (2080)
Growing mythicist movement (674)
Haille Selassie and Rastafarianisn (788)
Hagioptasia (3019)
Happiest countries are the least religious (1045)
Hands versus wrists (2310)
Harms of the supernatural outlook (2365)
Harrowing of hell (365)
Harry Potter and Christian hypocrisy (876)
Hating Jesus (2242)
Hateful churches follow the Bible more closely (1559)
Healing for show (3210)
Healing through objects and touch (2270)
Heaven and free will (3288)
Heaven and Hell cannot coexist (2000)
Heaven and hell description (1547)
Heaven as hell (47)
Heaven is populated mostly by fetuses (282)
Heavenly signs (2366)
Hebrew bible is not a Christian monolith (2249)
Hebrews misappropriates 2 Samuel (1690)
Hell (3)
Hell and geography (2733)
Hell as a man-made vs. divine concept (48)
Hell destroys the foundations of morality (2076)
Hell doctrine engendered unspeakable cruelty (2114)
Hell doctrine is crippling Christianity (1061)
Hell invented out of a desire for justice (1988)
Hell is a mirror of prison justice (2747)
Hell is eternal (1379)
Hell is humanity’s default destination (1315)
Hell is impossible (1302)
Hell is logically fictitious (763)
Hell serves no purpose (1151)
Hell is the most immoral idea thought of by man (3182)
Hell was not invented until after 70 CE (1632)
Hell without pain is still an absurdity (1392)
Herod kills infant children (66)
Heroes of faith (3200)
Hero Savior of Vietnam (1943)
Hide and seek games don’t last this long (1018)
Hiding the Bible (2152)
Hierarchy of gods (980)
Higher education leads to less religiosity (1085)
Hippocrates and Jesus (1571)
Historians fail to document the resurrection (193)
Historical inaccuracies in Luke and Acts (161)
Historical records missing (1010)
Historical uncertainties (1281)
History and fiction in the Bible (2294)
History of hell (1799)
Hitchens mic drop (3114)
Hitchen’s Razor (920)
Hitler murdered Jews/Ted Bundy (4)
Holy Spirit erases itself (1836)
Holy Spirit evidence is lacking (2952)
Holy spirit fails to align beliefs (274)
Holy Spirit indwelling (2421)
Holy Spirit inspiration (2543)
Holy Spirit speaks (2562)
Holy Spirit was a late invention (2032)
Homer’s Odyssey plagiarized by Mark’s gospel (730)
Homosexuality (54)
Homosexuality and the Bible  (2154)
Homosexuality confers evolutionary advantage (1149)
Homosexuality versus slavery (2868)
How belief in the resurrection originated (202)
How best to bury Christianity (1843)
How do we know God wrote the Bible? (1839)
How hell became eternal (2202)
How many women were at the tomb? (1192)
How memories change over time (1974)
How Paul came to his delusion (2476)
How people see and hear what is not real (1204)
How Satan came to rule over hell (3238)
How to avoid getting eight ‘impure spirits’ (3275)
How to find a wife according to the Bible (1271)
How to recognize God? (1807)
How Yahweh evolved to be omnipotent (255)
Human arrogance (2774)
Human biology is not unique (1422)
Human body design flaws (324)
Human brain is evidence for atheism (955)
Human embryonic comparison to other animals (812)
Human’s defective interpretation of tragedy (2056)
Humans deserve more respect than God (2569)
Humans make better commandments than God (1051)
Humans out-communicate God (1811)
Human suffering (2771)
Humans worship themselves (2146)
Hypocrisy of the typical christian (93)
If Christianity is false, what should we see? (942)
If Christianity is true, then… (1880)
If God came today (1185)
If God died, how would we know? (1043)
If God is real we are all slaves (832)
If the Jews didn’t believe, why should we? (853)
If there was a God,… (670)
If you’re not a Jew you are not a follower of Jesus (215)
Ignorance found God (2078)
Ignored scriptures (42)
Ignored scripture undermines Christianity (528)
Illogical application of forgiveness (660)
Illogical basis of Pauline Christology (427)
Illogic of God having emotions (609)
Illogic of prayer (249)
Illogic of praying for conversion (1180)
Illogic of punishing the innocent (94)
Illusion of self (1216)
Illusory features of an imaginary world (2375)
Imagine an invisible force (2972)
Immaterial consciousness does not exist (595)
Immortality bias fertilizes religions (2657)
Immorality of declaring something scriptural (2226)
Implausibility of the guard’s report (1128)
Imploding Christian arguments (2953)
Impotence of a personal relationship with God (1429)
Imprecatory Psalms (745)
Improbability of the ascension (343)
Improbability of the Christian god (1636)
Improbable logistics of Jesus’s ministry (828)
Improbable visit to the tomb (738)
Incarnation makes no sense (1731)
In God we trust? (895)
Incoherence of theism (2442)
Income versus religious group (2301)
Incomprehensible Bible god (2138)
Incongruity of using punishment to erase sins (450)
Inconsistency choosing books for the bible (297)
Inconsistent healing (1707)
Independence versus interdependence (2009)
Indifferent universe (1479)
Indignant or filled with compassion? (1691)
Indoctrination masks probabilities (2819)
Indoctrination of Christians (1236)
Inefficient creationist god (1490)
Inevitability of afterlife beliefs (3259)
Infancy gospels (1373)
Infant death (20)
Infanticidal god (1729)
Infant mortality (1689)
Information processing overload (176)
Insanity in the Bible (2453)
Instead of petty miracles, Jesus, give us this! (777)
Instinct and belief (2566)
Insurance company actuarial statistics (2866)
Intelligence vs. religious beliefs (26)
Intelligent design failure (2588)
Interpolations indicate God did not write the Bible (500)
Interpreting crisis situations (845)
Interracial couple’s murder pleases God (867)
Intersex babies prove God not involved (401)
Intervention/omnipotence problem (1265)
Intuitive problem solving (2977)
Invalid prophecy of Jesus birth in Matthew (195)
Invalid prophecy about Judas (1482)
Inventing a god to justify atrocities (2069)
Inventing a story to hide a problem scripture (455)
Invention of Purgatory (271)
Inversion of news and commentary (347)
Irrational designer (2101)
Irrational basis for forgiving sins (573)
Irrational condemnation (645)
Irreducible complexity (311)
Iron chariots too powerful for God (1014)
Irony of the ages (18)
Irrational Jesus (74)
Islam conversion outpaces Christianity (2827)
Island ghost (2840)
Is the entire Bible inspired?
Ivan Karamazov (2209)
Isaiah 53 fails as a prophecy of Jesus (2041)
Israelites borrowed Yahweh from the Midianites (1950)
Isaiah does not refer to Jesus (407)
James, not Peter, led early Christians (1055)
James problem for Christianity (2014)
James Randi challenge (615)
Jealousy and worship (1723)
Jelly bean analogy (2605)
Jericho was in ruins at the time of Joshua (1107)
Jerusalem entrance contradictions (2018)
Jesus acts like a tyrannical Roman emperor (1414)
Jesus admits cures are not permanent (184)
Jesus admits that he is just a messenger (808)
Jesus admits he is not God (87)
Jesus and animal sacrifice (1084)
Jesus and hate (2388)
Jesus and Joseph Smith false prophecy (2043)
Jesus and Krishna (2461)
Jesus and Moses’ snake on a pole (2549)
Jesus and Noah (72)
Jesus and Pilate’s private conversation (2897)
Jesus and the Baal cycle (1838)
Jesus and the ear (2882)
Jesus and the zombies (2456
Jesus apostles didn’t know about the virgin birth (204)
Jesus appeared only to die-hard believers + one (1262)
Jesus approved of corporal punishment (2129)
Jesus approved of polygamy (699)
Jesus arrived too early (426)
Jesus as the new Moses (3053)
Jesus as the scapegoat (415)
Jesus as Satan’s agent (1695)
Jesus asserts belief in a unitarian god (2836)
Jesus avoided the big cities (1152)
Jesus avoids danger (180)
Jesus baptized by John the Baptist (10)
Jesus before Pilate (1074)
Jesus believed in Satan, Christians not so much (567)
Jesus ben Ananias and the 21 parallels (1238)
Jesus baptism story preceded birth story (1232)
Jesus became a god along with the emperor (2400)
Jesus birth stories cast doubt on his existence (1626)
Jesus birth year problem (478)
Jesus bodily resurrection missing  2nd half of NT (2949)
Jesus broke the Sabbath (2534)
Jesus burial tomb anachronism (521)
Jesus bypasses the first four commandments (2468)
Jesus came to send people to hell (1771)
Jesus cannot be the Jewish Messiah (565)
Jesus caught in immediate contradiction (3230)
Jesus changed in the tomb (3202)
Jesus child plot hole (3180)
Jesus committed the sin of suicide (624)
Jesus, compared to others, was not special (1154)
Jesus condemned people for their ancestor’s sins (2180)
Jesus condemns everyone to Hell (1019)
Jesus condemns kids for cursing (86)
Jesus condemns most Christians (819)
Jesus condoned cruelty and injustice (2537)
Jesus confirms he is separate from the Holy Spirit (1385)
Jesus consistently contradicts himself (2797)
Jesus contradicts himself in the same gospel (2207)
Jesus could heal only those persons who had faith (1394)
Jesus could not have claimed to be God (294)
Jesus couldn’t be fully human and fully god (2966)
Jesus couldn’t have been all human and all god (1772)
Jesus covers his ass (1358)
Jesus defines adultery (2347)
Jesus demands faith, needs none himself (546)
Jesus destroys Paul’s faith (206)
Jesus destroys the Trinity (1698)
Jesus did no charity work and glorified poverty (350)
Jesus did not believe in the Christian heaven (2947)
Jesus did not create a New Covenant (1697)
Jesus did not die (2688)
Jesus did not explain the New Covenant (1565)
Jesus did not fulfill the Law (1431)
Jesus did not have faith (1264)
Jesus did not know the hour of his return (830)
Jesus did not overturn the Temple tables (542)
Jesus did not predict his resurrection (2013)
Jesus did not take the sinner’s punishment (1121)
Jesus did not voluntarily sacrifice himself (2858)
Jesus didn’t write anything (1027)
Jesus died a second time (2598)
Jesus died too quickly on the cross (605)
Jesus, Dionysus, Hercules and Perseus (772)
Jesus displays an un-godlike anger and contempt (748)
Jesus disqualifies himself as God (1069)
Jesus divides families (185)
Jesus divine theory (38)
Jesus dodges his hypocrisy (2052)
Jesus does what he condemns (582)
Jesus dying on the cross foreshadows hell (1756)
Jesus/Elijah parallels (1589)
Jesus encourages abandonment (2293)
Jesus envisioned a patriarchal government (2946)
Jesus exposure dividing line (2766)
Jesus failed to define himself (534)
Jesus failed to tell people to document his ministry (418)
Jesus fails to abolish slavery (268)
Jesus fails to see the future (3118)
Jesus fame mismatch (2412)
Jesus flunks astronomy (1108)
Jesus foments strife in a self-serving way (708)
Jesus gets angry and ungodlike (269)
Jesus gives answer opposite modern Christianity (289)
Jesus gives bad advice (2224)
Jesus gives horrible marital advice (186)
Jesus had symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia (841)
Jesus ignorant of astronomy (752)
Jesus is a failed role model (1709)
Jesus is a Jekyll and Hyde? (2485)
Jesus is an idea (2822)
Jesus is guilty of Native American slaughter (2781)
Jesus is laconic after the resurrection (2397)
Jesus is made more powerful in John (1892)
Jesus is responsible for OT abominations (2306)
Jesus is similar to Dracula and Vlad the Impaler (1532)
Jesus is an effect, not a cause of Christianity (722)
Jesus is an enigma (2324)
Jesus is silent in the Old Testament (196)
Jesus is superfluous (477)
Jesus is the adult Santa (2596)
Jesus is unknown (179)
Jesus kills children for sins of the mother (705)
Jesus let others speak for him (2314)
Jesus lied about his location after death (300)
Jesus lied about prayer (2159)
Jesus lies to his brothers (445)
Jesus  lied to the high priest (2505)
Jesus made a mistake, apologists agree (947)
Jesus made mistakes with scripture (1077)
Jesus makes a false statement (586)
Jesus makes false statements (85)
Jesus ministry extended from 1 to 3 years (524)
Jesus misappropriated Moses’s prophecy (1141)
Jesus mistakenly believes in the Exodus (1335)
Jesus mistakes sin forgiveness (1519)
Jesus misunderstands washing hands (219)
Jesus needs swords (258)
Jesus never claimed to be divine (3258)
Jesus never expected worship (3293)
Jesus never explained the Trinity (1719)
Jesus never made the seven “I am” statements (1276)
Jesus never moved a mountain (349)
Jesus not a chip off the old block (1323)
Jesus of Matthew vs. Jesus of Revelation (3239)
Jesus overlaid on John the Baptist (2817)
Jesus planned for most people to go to hell (1775)
Jesus plays a game with signs (2726)
Jesus preaches unscientific information (543)
Jesus prophecy fails about followers (182)
Jesus reveals lack of divinity cursing fig tree (367)
Jesus rejected in his own town (32)
Jesus resurrection not meant to be literal (599)
Jesus returns (1607)
Jesus’ ambiguous age (2156)
Jesus’s birth- Luke versus Matthew (601)
Jesus’ crucifixion endorsed a barbaric practice (2205)
Jesus Seminar (1)
Jesus’s charity sermons were self-serving (1941)
Jesus’s conception (3166)
Jesus’s crucifixion words are all from scripture (1985)
Jesus’s death was strictly for God’s benefit (1060)
Jesus’s deeds and words were nothing new (1035)
Jesus’s existence is a reasonable question (2548)
Jesus’s disciples versus Jim Jones (1804)
Jesus selected the wrong apostles (1746)
Jesus sets lord-vassal theme (2979)
Jesus’s flawed moral character (295)
Jesus’s garden anguish makes no sense (1148)
Jesus’s greatest theological contribution (709)
Jesus’s philosophy- neither original or remarkable (787)
Jesus sharpshooter fallacy (691)
Jesus’s history should be indisputable (421)
Jesus’s inconsistency regarding OT law (75)
Jesus’s ministry changes locations (1341)
Jesus’s missing statement (392)
Jesus’s missing years (430)
Jesus spoke through prophets after death (301)
Jesus’s piercing problem (2668)
Jesus’s prayer goes unanswered (1053)
Jesus’s primary mission failed (1878)
Jesus’ resurrection was not unique (2835)
Jesus’ sacrifice broke every rule (3006)
Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross was a sham (541)
Jesus’ sacrifice was illegitimate (2037)
Jesus’s temptation based on pagan tradition (2002)
Jesus’s vacant birth date (1980)
Jesus’s 651-word soliloquy (625)
Jesus said Moses will send Jews to hell (2136)
Jesus sinned (1296)
Jesus shows conceit (970)
Jesus should have thrown the first stone (2177)
Jesus should still be in Hell (1159)
Jesus speaks an anachronism (1400)
Jesus spitting healing method (2806)
Jesus supports castration (508)
Jesus’s serious flaw (257)
Jesus story rehashed from prior myths (991)
Jesus story written to mimic ancient prophets (2017)
Jesus studies are burdened by flawed scholarship (1577)
Jesus talking about himself (2263)
Jesus tells followers not to resist evil (1485)
Jesus the cult leader (1900)
Jesus threatens to kill children (1198)
Jesus’ attitude to disciples trends in gospels (2283)
Jesus’ crime against humanity (3229)
Jesus’ sacrifice inconsistent with OT god (2155)
Jesus’ Saturday adventure (2948)
Jesus’s true words lost to history (1012)
Jesus’s twin brother Jude (932)
Jesus’s unjust reasoning (2408)
Jesus’s will is different from God’s (1558)
Jesus symbolism spoiled by assigning him deity (3040)
Jesus temple prophecy not fulfilled (286)
Jesus the anti-missionary (2659)
Jesus the asshole (2308)
Jesus, the carpenter (988)
Jesus , the cult con man (2615)
Jesus the epileptic (2229)
Jesus the extortionist (127)
Jesus the horse thief (3229)
Jesus the hypocrite (114)
Jesus the megalomaniac (1295)
Jesus the parrot (2208)
Jesus the racist (73)
Jesus, the terrorist (694)
Jesus thought dumbness was caused by demons (814)
Jesus to Jehovah comparison (1550)
Jesus used hell as a metaphor (2422)
Jesus used prayer to heal (2174)
Jesus uses a Greek translation instead of Hebrew (1635)
Jesus was a dick (3045)
Jesus was a failed apocalyptic prophet (2466)
Jesus was a human (2630)
Jesus was a monster (3143)
Jesus was copied from Innanna The Queen of Heaven (811)
Jesus was hostile to his enemies (1484)
Jesus was likely psychologically impaired (399)
Jesus was not a pacifist (2214)
Jesus was not extraordinary (488)
Jesus was not famous (1393)
Jesus was not his name (2906)
Jesus was not the founder of the Christian faith (1318)
Jesus was not the Prince of Peace (1086)
Jesus was mentally abused (922)
Jesus wasn’t the Son of God (3079)
Jesus will burn people alive (879)
Jesus was charged with sedition, not blasphemy (976)
Jesus was immoral and a psychopath (966)
Jesus was not an admirable person (1089)
Jesus was not a good Christian (3077)
Jesus was not born in Jerusalem (2495)
Jesus was not the Jewish messiah (130)
Jesus was probably mythical- evidence for (1640)
Jesus was reverse-engineered (2663)
Jesus was wrong about the origin of gender (792)
Jesus wears too many hats (619)
Jesus will search your kidneys (3199)
Jesus: What did he look like? (1612)
Jesus worship is shameful (2798)
Jewish apocalypticism influenced Jesus (2130)
Jewish exemption (3135)
Jewish fate (43)
Jewish morality no different than neighbors (1275)
Jewish rejection of Christianity (2034)
Jewish theology changed after the Exile (1726)
Jewish War ended true Christianity (1913)
Jews being non-Christian is implausible (1142)
Jews didn’t believe, why should we (853)
Jews fate after death (1462)
Jews never detected the Trinity (2905)
Jews were entrapped by God (1196)
Jews were not taught about heaven and hell (1489)
Job and abusive relationships (2515)
Johannine Community (2352)
John 3:16 is a joke (3217)
John and Mark in one day (3056)
John and Peter were illiterate (2402)
John corrects Mark’s mistake (2029)
John deletes nonsensical aspects of Jesus’s death (1126)
John did not write a gospel (2808)
John edited to patch Luke/Matthew discrepancy (1896)
John fumbles his fiction (1680)
John makes a mistake in logic (1859)
John out of order (2341)
John replaces Eucharist with feet washing (2907)
John 1st epistle not inspired by God (557)
John the Baptist declaration forgery (214)
John the Baptist didn’t know cousin of 30 years (1162)
John the Baptist died in 36 CE (1122)
John the Baptist geography problems (2739)
John the Baptist is/is not Elijah (3090)
John the Baptist’s birth (432)
John the Baptist- the Rosetta Stone (998)
John reassured disappointed Christians (954)
John removes Jesus’s humanity and Jewishness (1536)
John’s anachronistic mistake (1193)
John’s gospel is uniquely anti-Semitic (1212)
John’s gospel missing synoptic core (1675)
John’s gospel severed Christianity from Judaism (2048)
John’s Lazarus story fails (2967)
John’s lie about burial spices (1801)
John’s made-up story to glorify faith (2285)
John’s unbroken bones (2667)
John was response to synagogue expulsion (2686)
Joseph of Arimathea origin (2634)
Josephus writes about other messiahs (889)
Josephus contradicted by early commentaries (1377)
Judas (29)
Judas’ betrayal was fictional (3054)
Judas Iscariot is a myth (1223)
Judas, problems with his story (865)
Judas was not a real person (2125)
Jude cites non-canonical source (805)
Judeo-Christian values expression delayed (2213)
Judas-led arrest account in John is implausible (2878)
Just world hypothesis (2240)
Judgement based the timing of death (148)
Keeping the masses uninformed (1257)
Ken Ham disproves Noah’s Ark (759)
Kettle logic (2755)
Kidnapping paradox (2939)
Kid’s discernment impaired by religious training (3110)
Killing rebellious children (1803)
Killing the wrong Jesus (2551)
Killing sons (2870)
Kingdom moves to the heavens (903)
King David and God’s justice (2074)
King David was a despicable person (1908)
King James translation reveals human hands (1598)
King Solomon’s gold mines (1591)
Kissing Hank’s Ass (949)
Kitzmiller vs. Dover Area School District (796)
Kumaré film project (789)
Lack agreement on moral/social issues (232)
Lack of ascension shrine (1984)
Lack of a shared humanity (1171)
Lack of a unified theory of atonement (1226)
Lack of continuous revelation (1736)
Lack of discontinuous parameters (1739)
Lack of early writings (1595)
Lack of First Century pilgrimages (1895)
Lack of gradation (144)
Lack of recording of paranormal phenomena (621)
Lack of sacrifice (63)
Lack of scientific insight (56)
Language miracle and a failed prediction (1569)
Last Christian dies (1440)
Lasting versus everlasting (2088)
Last supper and drinking of “blood” (448)
Last supper copied from Mithraism (502)
Law of Large Numbers (1938)
Laws of nature unchanging (1721)
Lazarus and The woman caught in adultery (27)
Lazarus disappears (2528)
Lazarus from Luke to John (1079)
Lazarus missing in the synoptics (3076)
Lazarus story: the flip side (1382)
Least religious U.S. cities are healthier (514)
Least righteous in heaven, most righteous in hell (1441)
Left behind pets (2157)
Legitimate worthiness tests (2950)
Leptogenesis and why our world exists (2384)
Less religious countries are the happiest (1340)
Letter to a believer (640)
Letter to Dr. Laura (164)
Let your light shine… no wait! (692)
Levite Yahweh vs. Aaronid Yahweh (2321)
Leviticus didn’t originally condemn homosexuality (1759)
Lie of Mary’s virginity (593)
Lies of Christianity (121)
Lies of fundamentalist Christianity (1178)
Lies taught to Christian women (856)
Lie that Jesus was famous (405)
Life after death fantasies (1511)
Life as a test for heaven makes no sense (3257)
Life cycle of gods (351)
Life of John (2908)
Lightning rods on giant Christ statue (233)
Limbo doctrine changed to compete with Islam (2188)
Limits of prophecy (2481)
Lions in the den (2923)
Lisbon earthquake and the birth of atheism (532)
Listening to the silence (2732)
List of mistakes made by God (1828)
Literal truth versus allegory (387)
Literary allusions in Mark were misunderstood (1925)
Little free will equates to none (3002)
Live long and prosper (1164)
Locality argument (509)
Localized god can’t be the creator of the universe (1517)
Location of Heaven and Hell (497)
Logical incoherency of the afterlife (1486)
Logistics of Jesus’ caravan (1845)
Looking behind the curtain (2590)
Lord’s battle instructions (1426)
Lord’s Prayer is becoming obsolete (3265)
Lord’s Prayer is offensive (2320)
Lot’s story sums up the Bible (2419)
Lot’s wife (1188)
Lourdes and wishful thinking (142)
Love is not Yahweh (3132)
Luke and Josephus (1606)
Luke and Paul disagree on method of Jesus’ return (2599)
Luke changes Jesus’s words for failing to return (1795)
Luke copied Homer’s birth annunciation (2470)
Luke distorts Jesus’s baptism (1112)
Luke embellishes the ascension story (2725)
Luke invents story to minimize John the Baptist (2344)
Luke leaves out Paul’s letter writing (3300)
Luke makes Jesus insensitive to families (287)
Luke plagiarized Kings in Old Testament (1430)
Luke rejects atonement doctrine (1789)
Luke & Matthew first 2 chapters are forgeries (1343)
Luke’s description of Nazareth is erroneous (1286)
Luke’s fictional tale about a risen Christ (242)
Luke’s folly (2416)
Luke’s gospel reveals Jesus to be a regular man (791)
Luke’s howling contradiction (1199)
Luke was a mythographer (2493)
Luke was the first apologist (3049)
Luke written to convert followers of Augustus (2185)
Lying undermines the credibility of Christianity (860)
Made up saints (360)
Made-up stories to send a warning (2322)
Mailing body parts (1962)
Maintaining God’s non-falsifiability (1703)
Major Christian faith groups deny the trinity (285)
Magic (1603)
Magic independent of Yahweh (1704)
Magic in the Bible (2090)
Magic handkerchiefs (513)
Magic word (2228)
Magical thinking repels reason (929)
Major problems with the tenth commandment (714)
Major religions originated in deserts (2658)
Making Jesus white (2578)
Male gods take over fertility (2187)
Marcion of Sinope (1352)
Marian apparitions (515)
Marital communication analogy (3270)
Mark of the beast is no longer possible (2928)
Making a dying daughter dead (2713)
Making up prophecies (635)
Making Jesus human (171)
Mammon, the demon of greed (918)
Manipulating prophecy (1777)
Many Christ like figures predate Jesus (129)
Many faces of Jesus (273)
Many Yahwehs (2343)
Mark didn’t anticipate miraculous birth stories (1135)
Mark enjoyed creative license (3130)
Mark follows Paul on taxation (2911)
Mark had no reliable sources (2135)
Mark has multiple endings (1463)
Mark ignited the gospels (2337)
Mark inadvertently leaves a clue (2109)
Mark invented the idea of parables (2913)
Mark invented the Sea of Galilee (1314)
Mark makes Jesus prescient (2110)
Mark makes the disciples dumb (1822)
Mark misinterpreted as actual history (2122)
Mark plagiarized Psalm 22 (769)
Mark plagiarizes Esther (997)
Mark’s allegory about a fig tree (1213)
Mark’s author was not a companion of Peter’s (1337)
Mark’s crazy Jesus (2535)
Mark’s gambit failed (1997)
Mark’s gospel based on Homer’s The Odyssey (730)
Mark’s Jesus vs. Luke’s Jesus (1284)
Mark’s main source was Paul (2918)
Mark’s omission of the virgin birth (2710)
Mark’s passion narrative flavored by later events (2058)
Mark’s passion story inplausibilities (2879)
Mark’s supernaturalism supports Jesus mythicism (2645)
Mark suggests no empty tomb (1897)
Mark, the playwright (2828)
Mark used Josephus (2570)
Mark written to discredit the disciples (2121)
Mark written to advance Paul’s theology (2197)
Mark written to explain Jewish War outcome (2171)
Mark written to explain the lost messiah (2807)
Markers of superstition (2699)
Martin Luther admits Christianity is shaky (281)
Martin Luther laid groundwork for Holocaust (346)
Martin Luther’s war against reason (2974)
Martyrs for Jesus (2899)
Mary loses her sons (1830)
Mary Magdalene and the seven demons (906)
Mary Magdalene diminished (2282)
Mary’s lack of consent (1929)
Mary’s Magnificat (3264)
Massacres not recorded by oppressed parties (1712)
Massaging scripture to absolve Jesus of sorcery (1402)
Massaging scripture to prove Jesus died (1081)
Mass sightings evolve from individual visions (1320)
Mathematics of embellishment (1011)
Mathematics of hell (3260)
Math of the Great Flood (1504)
Matthew and Luke didn’t think Mark was inspired (1672)
Matthew and Luke have different emphasis (1003)
Matthew and Luke omit Mark’s story (2053)
Matthew and Luke originally had no birth story (1221)
Matthew changed Mark’s relaxation of Torah law (1438)
Matthew cheats to protect his numerology (3061)
Matthew covers for Mary’s indiscretion (1903)
Matthew defuses stolen body theory (1835)
Matthew didn’t believe Jesus was God (3033)
Matthew fails to finish his lie (1115)
Matthew inflates Mark’s story (825)
Matthew less reliable than Mark (880)
Matthew mangles prophecy (721)
Matthew manipulated to support Trinity (725)
Matthew meant to be allegorical (1574)
Matthew misinterprets Jeremiah (1219)
Matthew misinterprets timeline of Mark (883)
Matthew misrepresents scripture (576)
Matthew modifies Mark to redeem disciples (1234)
Matthew not written by the disciple (3106)
Matthew pollutes Christianity with astrology (1926)
Matthew put anachronistic words in Jesus’ mouth (1363)
Matthew ‘remembers’ Jesus’ words (2504)
Matthew’s anachronism (2514)
Matthew’s chronological mistake (2271)
Matthew’s confusion (2830)
Matthew’s fabricated prophecy (170)
Matthew’s blatant contradiction (1898)
Matthew’s blatant scriptural error (1165)
Mathew’s nonsensical Egypt story (1927)
Matthew’s Pandora box (2871)
Matthew’s prophecy mistake (2709)
Matthew, the awful historian (1579)
Matthew the maverick (1138)
Matthew the Rosetta stone of the resurrection (131)
Matthew vs. Luke birth narratives (1868)
Matthew 2:23 double failure (278)
Marital redemption (1496)
Medical world fails to find demon disease link (728)
Meet you in Galilee or Jerusalem? (831)
Memories reside in brain cells, don’t survive death (751)
Memory dysfunction affected gospel fidelity (1067)
Mental illness treatment (1732)
Men twice as likely to be atheist as women (1604)
Message shifting  (3156)
Messiahs other than Jesus more documented (379)
Messy pastor successions (779)
Metaphor of the Passover lamb sacrifice (1123)
Michael the Archangel plagiarized by Jesus (893)
Milvian bridge Oct 28, 312 (381)
Mind control (1530)
Minimal facts apologetics fail (1214)
Minimum requirements for salvation (1600)
Minds of atheists more open than Christians(862)
Miracle claims inconsistent with Christian god (2991)
Miracle of the clothes (1125)
Miracle of the Holy Fire (1701)
‘Miracle’ of the loaves and fishes (555)
Miracle scope has diminished (2512)
Miracles lag behind medical science (3129)
Miracles more needed today, none provided
Miracles of Jesus were too mundane (146)
Miraculously resurrected horses (746)
Miscarriages belie the Christian god (564)
Miscarriages should not exist in a Christian world (1301)
Misconstrued cornerstone (2718)
Misconstruing volcanoes fueled concept of hell (1977)
Misinterpreting blood (1139)
Misinterpreting earthquakes (2492)
Misinterpreting Jesus’s terminology (627)
Mismatch of emphasis: kingdom versus life (1013)
Mismatch of geography to exclusivity (535)
Misplaced parables (3024)
Misplaced star (1190)
Misquoting Jeremiah (2035)
Misquoting Jesus (2193)
Missionary abduction (3245)
Missionary paradox (2574)
Missing city of Nazareth (259)
Missing empty tomb (212)
Missing footprint of demons (1766)
Missing keys analogy (2358)
Missing letter of Paul to the Corinthians (383)
Missing miracle (1562)
Missing Old Testament prophecy (2464)
Missing Nobel Prize (2235)
Missing original gospel manuscripts (247)
Mistake opens floodgates (1203)
Mistakes in the Book of Mark (575)
Mistiming the temple cleansing event (2059)
Mistranslation to support crucifixion theme (1661)
Misunderstanding space-time (1710)
Misuse of personal preference to shape scripture (140)
Mixed signals (2791)
Moderates retreat from scriptural literalism (3172)
Modern archaeology conflicts with the Bible (402)
Modern church versus the early church (1424)
Modern-day pseudepigraphy (2304)
Modern-day Ten Commandments (2730)
Modern technology versus Jesus’s miracles (1004)
Mommy analogy (2184)
Money contaminates Christianity (659)
Money diverted to fix an avoidable problem (673)
Money needs reveal absence of Christianity’s god (1647)
Money reveals the fraud of Christianity (475)
Monolatry (2683)
Monotheism laid the groundwork for Christianity (3117)
Moral argument for atheism (958)
Moral hypocrisy of Christians (1351)
Moral laws (1829)
Moral priorities of the Bible are senseless (1631)
Morality: Atheists vs. Christians (1106)
Morality changes over time (696)
Morality failed to spread outward from Judea (618)
Morality from God or elsewhere (2233)
Morality is a natural virtue (1063)
Morality is not tied to religion (749)
Moralizing gods came after civilization growth (2117)
More faith than John the Baptist (2277)
More on the treatment of children (784)
More plausible explanation for the empty tomb (1788)
Mormonism (137)
Mosaic law dropped for convenience (2547)
Moses did not write the Pentateuch (757)
Moses makes God change his mind (2045)
Moses mistakes human biology (948)
Moses parallels to Jesus (1244)
Moses was mistaken about a thousand things (1181)
Most absurd belief of Christianity (663)
Most damaging Bible verses (2640)
Most likely resurrection reality (1656)
Most powerful argument against Christianity (3081)
Mother and the cyclone (2837)
Mother Teresa’s doubt (369)
Mother Teresa’s fake miracle (507)
Motte-and-bailey fallacy (2584)
Mountains of bad decisions (2142)
Movie director’s nightmare (2729)
Moving gods to explain why they can’t be seen (1654)
Moving the goalposts (2847)
Moving the Sabbath (1685)
Mr. Ott’s odyssey (3168)
Multiple Jesus’s needed for emerging civilizations (315)
Multiple witness rule (1816)
Mythical creatures are now extinct (1076)
Multiculturalism (846)
Multiple authors for John (2708)
Multiple religions exist only if they are all false (1461)
Musical instruments in heaven (1510)
Murchison meteorite (2297)
Murderer/victim paradox (1628)
Murder trial analogy (3207)
Mysterious ways defense (2769)
Myth of Christian persecution (234)
Myth of the Transfiguration (623)
Mythicism case that Jesus did not exist is solid (1208)
Mythological backdrop to Jesus’s water walk (1990)
Mythological imagery (764)
Naked absurdity of Christianity (158)
Nail in the coffin (2482)
Nailing Jesus to the cross (3223)
Names of the apostles (1599)
Nativity anomalies (3073)
Natural selection of cults (2255)
Natural versus supernatural explanations (1133)
Nazareth synagogue interpolation (2803)
NDE reality (3232)
Neanderthal culture (1665)
Neanderthals and Denisovans, had they survived (2702)
Near death experiences (166)
Near-earth asteroids (1747)
Nephilite giants (2145)
Neurotheology (2438)
New Jesus trilemma (1404)
New science proves that free will does not exist (1472)
New Testament connection to Old Testament (2975)
New Testament is selective propaganda (1059)
New Testament mired in a pre-scientific world (1819)
New Testament not close to originals (118)
New Testament not written as sacred scripture (3147)
New Testament reads like a cult (2033)
New Testament world view (2265)
Nine verse contradiction (3160)
NIV fraudulently removed a contradiction (1064)
No diverted disasters defying physics (1406)
Noah and Atrahasis (905)
Noah plot hole (2303)
Noah’s ark a modern reflection of Jesus (250)
Noah’s Ark conundrum (2813)
Noah’s Ark story’s fatal flaw (1182)
Noah’s interwoven stories (2901)
No afterlife redemption or apostasy (2183)
No angels equals no Christianity (1769)
No animals in Heaven? (603)
No comparison shopping (2300)
No contemporary writing means no miracles (1289)
Nocturnal emissions (2984)
No difference if Jesus was real or not (581)
No good reason to believe Paul (3011)
No good way to recognize the existence of a god (1384)
No magic, no god (3197)
No mention of Winter in the gospels (1982)
Non-believers fare better in the pandemic (2532)
Non-identity relational scriptures (2474)
Non-religious countries are the least corrupt (847)
Non-religious people show more empathy (372)
No one can enter Heaven? (662)
No one wrote anything against Jesus (1046)
No plan unless you’re Jewish (1683)
No prophecies of a  resurrected Christ (1609)
No religion has originated in two places (685)
No separation between mental and physical (3159)
Not as crazy as other faiths? (3233)
Not believing is not a crime (2983)
No time for a god to exist (1823)
No true believers according to Bible (1048)
Not-so-intelligently designed watch (2455)
No out for compassionate Christians (3249)
No witnesses of the resurrection (2038)
No writings from Jesus’s direct followers (1932)
Number of gods (462)
Number of post-resurrection witnesses (2370)
Numbers Challenge (3191)
Numerous councils needed to decide doctrine (380)
Objective test of prayer reveals there is no god (775)
Observation of miracles by the Romans (68)
Observer god the same as no god (1625)
Obsolete sexism (3101)
Obvious fiction of Herod’s death (288)
OCD is the basis for all religion (921)
Oct 28, 312 at the Milvian bridge (381)
Occupations that lead to atheism (2237)
Old Covenant still in effect? (2031)
Oldest copies of New Testament books (2413)
Old texts used to generate new narratives (2480)
Omission of Jesus’ youth (2597)
Omnipotence is a ridiculous claim (2937)
Omnipotent firefighter (3254)
Omnipresent god was just in one location (743)
Omniscient narration (2259)
Omniscience implies responsibility (2887)
Omniscience versus free will (1329)
Once saved, always saved? (1787)
One-god hypothesis (2298)
One leaping fetus (3292)
One miracle short (3096)
One percent god (2178)
One verifiable piece of evidence (580)
Only 1 in 2500 Palestinian Jews became Christian (1684)
Onward Christian soldiers (1070)
Opening the floodgates (3080)
Opposition to contraception (518)
Oral history (2331)
Organic matter on Ceres (1483)
Orgasm asymmetry (3269)
Original followers thought Paul was wrong (226)
Original sin (519)
Original sin doctrine not in Old Testament (648)
Origin of afterlife myths (3094)
Origin of evil spirits (1954)
Origin of the idea of God (783)
Origins of YHWH (1784)
Origin story is refuted (3010)
OT and NT disagree on life after death (169)
OT apocalypticism (2286)
OT calls out Jesus as a fraud (408)
OT doesn’t prophecize crucified messiah (213)
OT doublets (1742)
OT god is not omnipresent (2386)
OT has unhealthy sexual attitudes (1002)
OT is evil and the NT rebukes it (2443)
OT law survives (2164)
Other Gospel books (35)
Other religions (58)
Other side of miracle stories (3123)
OT never said the Messiah would die for our sins (467)
OT textual problems (1247)
Over-attributing an incomprehensible god (2954)
Over-use of puns (2500)
Over-reactive facial recognition (2104)
Out-of-body experiences debunked (961)
Outsider’s look at the Bible (1841)
Outsider test for faith in Christianity (447)
Pagan cannibalism (99)
Pagan influence on Christianity (284)
Pagan quote leaks into Bible (3222)
Palm Sunday/Good Friday conflict (28)
Palm Sunday is a myth (1194)
Pantheism (2988)
Parable of the bridge builders (1445)
Parable of the canoe trip (1210)
Parable of the meadow (1837)
Parable of the shiny car (807)
Parable of the ten minas (701)
Paradigm shift (2777)
Parallel stories in Gospel of Luke (1433)
Parallel to Pythagoras (1520)
Paranormal activity in the Bible (3013)
Parental influence on adult religious belief (2833)
Parent and the unattended stove (1137)
Parent-child analogy (2951)
Parent in heaven, child in hell (65)
Parents sheltering children (439)
Pariedolia and visions (540)
Parishioners better educated than clergy (933)
Parkinson’s and religion (1670)
Particle physics disproves the resurrection (2363)
Pascal’s Wager dissected (2329)
Pascal’s Wager for Atheists (419)
Passover events not claimed by other faiths (1095)
Passover myth created during reign of King Josiah (2212)
Passover nonsense (1042)
Passover prisoner release (31)
Pathologies of Christianity (303)
Paul acknowledges Jesus was not historical (1515)
Paul and Mark conflict (2147)
Paul and the empty tomb (1800)
Paul contradicts Jesus (698)
Paul contradicts Jesus (761)
Paul credits authorities with God’s imprimatur (1311)
Paul did not believe in a bodily resurrection (1854)
Paul did not know that the Romans killed Jesus (1639)
Paul didn’t know about Judas (2098)
Paul didn’t know that Jesus raised dead people (1894)
Paul didn’t read the Tower of Babel story (3134)
Paul didn’t view Jesus as being born of a woman (2102)
Paul discounts churches and human hands (2764)
Paul distorts Deuteronomy for his agenda (1796)
Paul embellishes his vision story (283)
Paul equates his vision to other apostles (2850)
Paul failed to note virgin birth when he needed to (1421)
Paul fails to discuss his miracle works (2622)
Paul gives absurd marital advice (733)
Paul in Acts is just a better version of Jesus (1454)
Paulinity (431)
Paul invented the last supper (839)
Paul knew very little about Jesus (181)
Paul loses his healing touch (2469)
Paul, Mark, and Jesus were all badly misinformed (2410)
Paul mocked by philosopher Porphyry (403)
Paul never quoted Jesus or mentioned hell (1427)
Paul never read the gospels (983)
Paul never sought out Jesus’ teachings (2100)
Paul never wrote of his conversion (2086)
Paul thought Jesus lived only in outer space (877)
Paul of Acts vs. Paul of epistles (238)
Paul perpetuates false history (2561)
Paul poured Christianity’s foundation (2653)
Paul recalls non-existent scriptures (1359)
Paul said to fear demons, not Romans (1638)
Paul’s biggest blunder (2848)
Paul’s credentials under suspicion (2027)
Paul’s doctrine inflicts harm on society (1367)
Paul’s epistles were edited (1173)
Paul’s fate (1568)
Paul’s foolish rule about hair (661)
Paul’s gospel based on revelation, not facts (741)
Paul’s gullibility (2600)
Paul’s heresy warned by Ezekiel (1459)
Paul should have seen Jesus (2382)
Paul’s illogical post-conversion actions (1527)
Paul’s improbable journey to Damascus (1331)
Paul’s inexplicable scripture reference (2082)
Paul’s influence on the gospels (2904)
Paul’s lie about 500 resurrection witnesses (569)
Paul’s mission to Jews or Gentiles (1676)
Paul’s non poem (3298)
Paul’s only source was the Bible (2694)
Paul’s opposition to Peter is disqualifying (2623)
Paul’s significance was grossly overrated (2632)
Paul’s strange selection (1557)
Paul’s vision location (2012)
Paul’s was the only first-hand account (2390)
Paul  tapped fear of mortality (2530)
Paul, the miracle worker? (682)
Paul understated disagreements with Jerusalem (2381)
Paul was a crazy person (1618)
Paul was illogical (2519)
Paul was a paranoid schitzotypal personality (995)
Paul was unaware of who crucified Jesus (2423)
Paul was wrong about the second coming (2379)
Paul writes about apostles, not disciples (926)
Peddling end times (2690)
Penis shape belies Christian dogma (1657)
Pentecost and it’s fictional story (544)
People are using a flawed method to find God (1785)
People at time of Jesus unreliable witnesses s (1326)
People don’t actually believe in miracles (3262)
People living in scenic areas are less religious (506)
People see God as a reflection of themselves (3285)
People who lived and died before Jesus (132)
Peoples’ word was all they had (1442)
Perceiving God vs. Satan (2814)
Peronism (353)
Persecution by Christians (112)
Persistence of belief, resistance to reason (173)
Personal experience is not evidence (3108)
Personal identity is a mirage (2752)
Personal relationship with Jesus (2876)
Peter and the cock (1163)
Peter did not go to Rome (2405)
Peter endorses talking donkey (2462)
Peter/Ezekiel parallel in Acts (2019)
Peter, Paul, and Jesus (2020)
Peter’s calling evolves (1538)
Peter’s call versus John imprisoned (2820)
Peter’s commission is a myth (1186)
Peter schooled or unschooled (3088)
Peter’s ordination is a forgery (1338)
Peter should be denied entry into Heaven (1169)
Peter walks on the water (2054)
Petran priority (2909)
Philip and the eunuch (2336)
Philip in Samaria (2465)
Philo of Alexandria (986)
Phineas Priesthood (2521)
Physical processes behind miracles (3148)
Physics of consciousness (2714)
Picking your religion (2589)
Pious fraud in Paul’s letter to the Corinthians (2915)
Pious fraud of Peter’s tomb
Pirahã people (1313)
Places mentioned in the Bible (3072)
Platitudes and excuses (1948)
Plato out-philosophizes Jesus (1229)
Plato put words in Socrates mouth (3064)
Politicalization of Christianity (3194)
Polytheism and the trinity (14)
Poly- to monotheism (2290)
Pontius Pilate sanitized (999)
Poor timing of Jesus’s arrival (538)
Pope Gregory IX, cats, bubonic plague (143)
Popemobile (657)
Pope who told the truth (1368)
Pornography in the Bible (2374)
Positive atheism (2799)
Possible inspiration for biblical story of Sodom (3116)
Post-internecine slaughter revelation? (2148)
Post-resurrection anomaly (2022)
Post-resurrection reunion in Galilee (1131)
Power failure problem (2181)
Power of conversion stories (2376)
Prayer (45)
Prayer conundrum (2128)
Pray for Olive (2582)
Praying for rain (1694)
Prayer-free will conflict (2139)
Prayer ineffectiveness sullies promise of heaven (2013)
Prayer is ineffective and redundant (967)
Prayers ALWAYS answered (2268)
Prayer preconditions (2565)
Prayer-the adult manifestation of infantile crying (2132)
Prayer works or it doesn’t (1831)
Praying is illogical (747)
Praying is logically unworkable (1100)
Preaching a non-Christian gospel (3052)
Predicting the future in a Christian world (1842)
Pre-loaded beliefs (693)
Preposterous claim of ‘God’s will’ (596)
Preselection of the saved (2216)
Presuppositional apologetics (664)
Presuppositions of atheism (1615)
Prince of Peace? (1720)
Principle of Commodity (2689)
Principles of regularity (2191)
Probability that Christianity is true (897)
Probability vs. possibility (3235)
Problem of evil is irreconcilable (2938)
Problem of locality (2196)
Problems defending the canon of scripture (2903)
Problems with biblical prophecy (1763)
Problems with eternal life (589)
Problems with Jesus’s arrest (1058)
Problems with the Book of Esther (835)
Problems with the Sermon on the Mount (588)
Problem with the Fifth Commandment (642)
Problem with sin (2705)
Prodigal son parable is bad theology (2637)
Professions that tend to make people atheists (844)
Programmed beliefs (2143)
Progressive antipathy toward Jews (2743)
Progressive revelation (1621)
Progymnastmata or Chreia (1206)
Prologue to Gospel of John is a forgery (385)
Prominent atheists leading people to hell (2141)
Promiscuous teleological intuition (438)
Promised land/chosen people (2311)
Promise of reward (2550)
Proof is in the pudding (3295)
Proof Jesus was just a man (758)
Proofs of Santa’s existence (2787)
Proof that Jesus was not God (256)
Proof the Bible is not inerrant (816)
Prophecies lack evidential value (2795)
Proving a negative (2513)
Pseudepigrapha evidence (3099)
Psychological grooming (3225)
Psychosis formed the basis of religious belief (626)
Punishing child to forgive future sin of others (1419)
Punishing those who do not know God (2028)
Punishing unbelief is immoral (1443)
Punishment in eternity (2832)
Punishment timing (2855)
Putting pets to sleep (2940)
Purification after childbirth (1215)
Puzzling incongruities of Christian doctrine (469)
‘Q’ document and what it omitted (348)
Q Document probably didn’t exist (1245)
QAnon and Jesus (2862)
QAnon post-shadows Christianity (2796)
Quotes attacking religion (2194)
Questioning gospel sources (3086)
Questioning Jesus’ mental health (2696)
Questioning Paul’s conversion (2810)
Question Paul couldn’t answer (3161)
Questions answered (2925)
Questions concerning God’s theoretical death (1861)
Questions for Christians (2785)
Questions for God (1696)
Quantum effects refute Kalam causal argument (1525)
Quantum mechanics says “no” to a god (320)
Rabbit’s foot (2124)
Rabbis misinterpreting miracles (2403)
Raglin Mythotype shows a pattern (563)
Raising people from the dead (498)
Randomness test for God (501)
Rape as a pathway to marriage (302)
Rapid fire (2409)
Raptured and left-behind fetuses (1143)
Rapture problems (1774)
Rational theology (1091)
Rationalizations for failed prayers are invalid (2452)
Reading the Bible (342)
Reading the Bible in reverse (560)
Real Bible (2217)
Real end times (2307)
Real god would not require financial resources (2959)
Real god wouldn’t condemn homosexuality (2602)
Reality to metaphor (3131)
Real miracles, sacred scriptures, saints, and gods
Real ‘rock’ was Paul, not Peter (688)
Real sacrifices (2674)
Reason and philosophy dissed by Christian elites (1468) 
Reasonable non-belief (2232)
Reasons to doubt the empty tomb (827)
Reclusive god to blame for family emotional pain (1390)
Reconstructing Jesus after the fact (2316)
Red letter bibles (332)
Redemption plot hole (2575)
Redundant genealogies (863)
Regrettable interpolation in 2 Corinthians (1374)
Regulating sex in marriage (2698)
Rejection of socialism (654)
Relationship between synoptic Gospels (241)
Relationship built on a threat (770)
Relationship with Jesus (2420)
Relative time (145)
Religion became necessary with population (2691)
Religion is a defense mechanism (3031)
Religion is a guessing game (2222)
Religion as a social construct (1624)
Religion as a tyranny (1968)
Religion becoming extinct in nine nations (874)
Religion constitutes basement of human ideals (2955)
Religion creates two problems that God ignored (2173)
Religion displacing science consequences (1469)
Religion importance versus national prosperity (1129)
Religion is absurd (2646)
Religion is just another fraudulent product (2788)
Religion is not a perception of reality (1910)
Religion is not exclusively human (1015)
Religion is not needed for morality (2892)
Religion is obviously a scam (2719)
Religion is the earliest form of science fiction (2275)
Religion itself doesn’t make people live longer (2323)
Religion makes children meaner (1346)
Religion makes people stupid (2518)
Religion perpetuates by distorting children’s minds (768)
Religion perverted our innate sense of morality (2651)
Religions have outlived their usefulness (2749)
Religion should be soaring, but it’s not (1420)
Religion’s anachronistic view of human sexuality (2620)
Religion’s anti-homo stance is rooted in the past (3003)
Religions based on faith fare better (2716)
Religions created for social cohesion (2831)
Religions developed from false attribution (516)
Religions disqualify themselves (3071)
Religions of the world (2877)
Religiosity and governmental services (1682)
Religiosity correlates to science illiteracy (1933)
Religious belief is correlated to use of intuition (2501)
Religious belief is malleable (3234)
Religious belief leads to obesity (162)
Religious beliefs lead to depression (1820)
Religious fantasy literature (2312)
Religious people understand the world less (1328)
Religious propaganda aimed at retention (2614)
Religious thinking stifles creativity (3248)
Religious switching (3042)
Religious theory is useless (1840)
Religious visions based on arbitrary factors (928)
Reprobate mind (2914)
Repudiation of family values (267)
Requirement of faith falsifies a religion (2997)
Response to Mosaic Law (1088)
Restricted horizon of Christian followers (157)
Resurrection as a ghost story (1730)
Resurrection consequences (34)
Resurrection contradictions (975)
Resurrection evidence revisited (2800)
Resurrection inconsistencies (2592)
Resurrection inconsistency (2163)
Resurrection is not the proof test of Christianity (2644)
Resurrection not a unique occurrence (633)
Resurrection not proved by historical evidence (2958)
Resurrection originally not taken literally (614)
Resurrection probability based on Lourdes (2430)
Resurrection riddles (1544)
Resurrection story embedded within clear myths (1735)
Resurrection vs. crossing the Rubicon (2338)
Resurrection was a slowly evolving doctrine (2636)
Retrospective prophecy (2633)
Revenants versus Jesus (2656)
Revenge theology (2433)
Reward without effort (1030)
Rich man paradox (1677)
Ridiculous tale of John the Baptist birth (432)
Right hand of God (2225)
Ring structure in the gospels (1435)
Robbers to rebels (1136)
Robot analogy (2945)
Rockstar, Terrorist Jesus (2662)
Rod beatings (2780)
Roman bias (22)
Roman census (30)
Roman Empire testimony (3119)
Roman records of Jesus don’t exist (1034)
Romans fail to react to a risen Jesus (559)
Romans made a big mistake by killing Jesus (3170)
Romulus/Jesus parallel (870)
Ron Wyatt, the fraud (1324)
Roswell Analogy (1549)
Russell’s Teapot (1412)
Route to salvation changed dramatically (606)
Sabbatai Zevi (956)
Sabbath changed to attract pagans (1007)
Sabbath dispute (1999)
Sacrifice of Jesus was plagiarized (1000)
Sad tale of the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit) (794)
Sad story of the Jewish  people (2276)
Sai Baba of Shirdi (2517)
Saint Bernadette (1093)
Saints show Christianity’s pagan roots (890)
Salvation according to the Bible (1546)
Salvation hard cases (1846)
Sam Harris smackdown (3093)
Samson’s animal cruelty (2851)
Sanctifying cruelty (3176)
Sanhedrin’s death sentence was correct (3127)
Sanitizing the bible of mythical creatures (147)
Sanitizing the gospel in newer versions (209)
Santa Clause analogy (201)
Satan and demons lack evidence (1145)
Satan beats God in the game of salvation (2912)
Satan created Christianity? (3113)
Satan dilemma (2942)
Satan is a complete idiot (2431)
Satan is double fictional (3085)
Satan is morally superior to God (2077)
Satan is more powerful than God (1875)
Satan is powerless (797)
Satanic Temple tenets (1132)
Saved by grace or deeds (1699)
Sayings of Jesus on the cross (3224)
Scandal of particularity (1548)
School fire analogy (1096)
Science always defeats religion (2642)
Science and religion are not compatible (1044)
Science bests supernaturalism (2289)
Science brings people together, religion divides (1270)
Science catches up to Jesus (2613)
Science denial tactics (2772)
Science makes Christians make up things (910)
Science fails to detect signs of the supernatural (177)
Science is universal, not religion (481)
Science more important to god than salvation (1975)
Science refutes contemporary miracles (656)
Science trumps faith healing (2349)
Science working like religion (2610)
Scientific defense of atheism (2279)
Scientific disciplines contradicting Christianity (316)
Scientific mistakes in the Bible (486)
Scientific reasons to disbelieve (1945)
Scientists more atheistic as they age (1480)
Scientology parallels Christianity (1644)
Scribes fail to write about Jesus (71)
Script mining versus prophecy fulfillment (1552)
Scriptural bundling (710)
Scripture deliberately mistranslated (2342)
Scripture forged to defend the Trinity (2489)
Scripture not revered by early church as today (1428)
Scriptures Christians would like to delete (3190)
Scriptures deny free will (1916)
Scrutinizing God (2560)
Second coming is unnecessary (1102)
Second coming of science & religion (174)
Secret Gospel of Mark and the naked boy (1417)
Secular nations fare better in pandemic (2487)
Secular societies fair better (59)
Secular spirituality (483)
Secular vs. Christian achievement (1253)
Seeing God (1288)
Seeing the landscape of the world’s religions (1396)
Selective attribution (2219)
Selective belief in miracles (51)
Selective belief in prophets (489)
Self-awareness is not exclusively human (798)
Self-awareness problem (2654)
Self-identity disorders (1973)
Selflessness edict ruined (2608)
Sending out of the seventy-two (689)
Seneca’s silence forged away (1806)
Sergey Torop (2695)
Sermon on the Mount geared to end times (882)
Sermon on the Mount problems (3111)
Sermon on the Mount was plagiarized (1513)
Serpent sending (2693)
Serving up the big lie of eternal life (240)
Settings for Mark and John are different (1065)
Seven evidential proofs of scriptural tampering (1418)
Seven Heavens (1217)
Seven stages of gaslighting (2839)
Seven ways science debunked Christianity (1312)
Sexual response vs. monogamous life (261)
Shakespeare forgery (2449)
Shakespeare outwrites God (1410)
Sheer number of gods (462)
Shepherd and sheep metaphor (2016)
Shock collar analogy (1309)
Shortest version of Christianity (552)
Shoehorning evolution into Christianity (2305)
Shroud of Turin/confirmation bias (15)
Shut out non-believers (1906)
Signal to noise ratio (1353)
Significance of what “Q” document omitted (348)
Sign of Jonah (2529)
Signs of the end times are no longer valid (810)
Signs you might be in a cult (2917)
Silence of the dames (251)
Silence of Josephus (771)
Simplest explanation is usually correct (713)
Simpler explanation for religious decline (2922)
Simulations are sufficient (3243)
Sinai Bible reveals the fraud of modern Bibles (578)
Sinai inconsistency (2407)
Sin forgiveness contradiction (2354) 
Sin labeling (459)
Sin of disbelief is a human invention (1832)
Sin of unbelief (2266)
Six New Testament letters are forged (374)
Six reasons Christianity survives (3032)
Six saviors of history (2776)
Six stages of scriptural development (1467)
Skeptics better than believers in logical ability (938)
Slam dunk (3169)
Slavery (53)
Slavery verses (3083)
Smallpox- Godless scientists care more (322)
Snake handling (818)
Snake oil (1582)
Social trinitarianism (2639)
Societal changes suggest Christianity is False (911)
Society more wicked when belief is strongest (925)
Socrates argument fails (1478)
Soft polytheism (2360)
Spaceless, timeless god cannot exist (2586)
Spanish inquisition (391)
Special pleading (1593)
Speaking in tongues is just gibberish (944)
Speed of light (318)
Spirit of the Lord is for killing (3206)
Splintering (57)
Sports and religion (2093)
Sports results (336)
Spread of Christianity slow till 300CE (362)
Star of Bethlehem (1124)
St. Augustine sends unbaptized babies to hell (153)
St. Genevieve (1560)
St. Thomas More (885)
Status of women (55)
Stellar nucleosynthesis (element creation, or fusion) (461)
Stephen’s error-filled speech (2039)
Stepping through the improbabilities (2594)
Stigmata (333)
Stoning (1949)
Stoning to tassels (1566)
Story is only about God (2661)
Story of Annanius and Saphirra (276)
Story of Lot and the value of women (363)
Story of the soul (3104)
Summer camp analogy (2383)
Sweating blood (1611)
Swoon theory, revisited (1332)
Sybil Ludington (1619)
Subtracting the angel (3173)
Superficial Christianity (2309)
Superhabitable planets (2660)
Superhuman beings never slip up (3261)
Supernatural Pandora’s Box (2994)
Suppressing inconvenient evidence (2665)
Suppression of knowledge (3034)
Supreme act of evil (1924)
Symptoms of Christianitis (2751)
Switching babies (2378)
Strange love of a an almighty deity (106)
‘Talking’ with God (632)
Tacitus evidence of Jesus is flawed (2220)
Take the Bible (3105)
Taking red letter quotations to the extreme (2873)
Taking verses out of context (2441)
Talmud (1476)
Tarahumara, runners and hunter gathers (1157)
Teleological thinking (2503)
Teleporting Jesus (2509)
Telltale clues of a false religion (2377)
Temple veil (1240)
Temptation of Christ (91)
Ten arguments for God debunked (2811)
Ten Commandments (9)
Ten Commandments and slavery (2981)
Ten Commandments establish a theocracy (1850)
Ten Commandments reflect ancient standards (2274)
Ten Commandments- the ‘real’ ones (884)
Ten evangelical maxims (3124)
Ten motivations to forge the Bible (668)
Ten reasons to abandon Christianity (2681)
Ten steps to God’s non-existence (1767)
Ten thought patterns that trip up ex-Christians (3074)
Test for God-given morality (1963)
Test for supernatural power in churches (1779)
Test for an unfaithful wife (754)
Test of false prophets (1529)
Testimonial embellishment (2773)
Testimony of nature (982)
Testimony over data (1671)
Testimonium Flavianum (1290)
Testing god claims (2992)
Testosterone can send you to hell (3133)
Text remains, practice changes (62)
The Good Book? (765)
Theism versus naturalism (1617)
Theodicy failures (3157)
Theodosius promoted Christian hegemony (1068)
Theologians punished for independent thinking (1246)
Theology’s free pass (2625)
There is no art (or moral) guru (1757)
There should be no major false religions (1306)
They disbelieved but we must believe (3205)
Thirty Years War (1663)
Thomas and Jesus (1524)
Thomas and tyranny of faith (116)
Thomas Fairchild and social pressure (2750)
Thomas Jefferson (207)
Thomas Paine challenge (3044)
Thought control (3145)
Thousands of religions develop before Jesus (154)
Thou shalt not kill….or murder? (634)
Thou shalt (not?) kill (907)
Three Abrahamic religions (2247)
Three commandments (3008)
Three conditions needed to disbelieve (712)
Three hours of darkness no one noticed (262)
Three laws of imaginary gods (511)
Three men who made Christianity (551)
Three stages of God’s barbarity (296)
Three stages of God’s salvation plan (3139)
Three views of the Eucharist (647)
Three ways to rationalize faith in light of science (3274)
Tiberius chronology versus Jesus (2893)
Time (950)
Timeframe of God’s revelation to mankind (2325)
Time from resurrection to ascension (834)
Time gap gospel authorship to oldest manuscripts (1261)
Time-symmetric theory of creation (2004)
Time traveler dilemma (1118)
Timing of receiving the Holy Spirit (1514)
Timothy’s weak prophecy (3158)
Tiny drama/huge stage (40)
To be childlike or not (1388)
Too many messiahs (36)
Tomb burial improbability (2003)
Tomb guard is fiction (2250)
Tomb raiders (2920)
Towering father figure (2638)
Tower of Babel myth (1078)
Toxic Christianity- Independent Baptists (720)
Tracking Jesus’ body (2875)
Transfer of punishment (124)
Transferring guilt to Jews for Jesus death (115)
Transfiguration myth (623)
Translation errors cloud Bible meaning (1734)
Transgender people (326)
Tree of Knowledge and the death of Christianity (1209)
Trend in belief of scientists (649)
Trilemma (2477)
Trilemma failure (172)
Trinity became a Binary (2272)
Trinity disproved with a single verse (1662)
Trinity was unknown to the Jews (1372)
True believer syndrome (2414)
True Revelation (2439)
Truth shall set you free (3128)
2048 Resurrection stories (2040)
Turin shroud was debunked 700 years ago (2742)
Twenty stories rarely discussed in church (2458)
Two asymmetric power relationships (3115)
Two explanations (1202)
Two gods of Genesis (2872)
Two hundred years of deconstructing Christianity (2664)
Two Jesus’s? (1812)
Two New Testaments (1189)
Two Thomas’s destroy Christianity (3046)
Two gospels (37)
(The) unforgivable sin (139)
Unbalanced use of scripture made Jesus divine (1991)
Uncertainties concerning hell (1886)
Unclaimed prizes for proof of the paranormal (1912)
Undeniable existence needed for Christian god (2170)
Undercutting Christianity’s foundation (2161)
Unevidenced miracles (2617)
Unfalsifiable belief is invalid (2853)
Unfulfilled prophecies (974)
Uniqueness test (1047)
United States Jesus changed (2434)
United States presidential election 2020 (2723)
Universal awareness and personalistic theology (3286)
Universe from nothing (308)
Universe lacks features of a designer (305)
Universe not designed for life (566)
Universe of false beliefs (1555)
Universe’s immense size dwarfs Christianity (1040)
Universe- the wrong one (1080)
University professor analogy (1815)
Unjust punishment is a blessing (638)
Unlevel playing field (98)
Unlucky date of birth (2131)
Unmitigated nonsense (1176)
Unraveling the skein of salvation (3201)
Unraveling Paul’s theology (3276)
Unreliable eyewitness claim (1487)
Untestable, undetectable, and unknowable (3236)
USA is not a Christian nation (2137)
Use of false beliefs to establish loyalty (3063)
Using remoteness to propagate the Jesus myth (1869)
Using the Bible to reproach God (2486)
Usury (1724)
Unworkable rules (3237)
Unveiling the true Jesus (275)
Various early Christianities (669)
Vatican retreat reveals flaw in Christian dogma (729)
Verses missing in the NIV translation (2326)
Very few Christians are following Jesus (2318)
Vestigial organs (325)
Victims of the Christian faith (1376)
Vile character of the Christian god (822)
Virgin birth appears, disappears from scripture (2821)
Virgin birth borrowed from pagan tradition (2759)
Virgin birth invented to convert Romans/Greeks (183)
Virgin birth is a minority New Testament opinion (2756)
Virgin birth myth created a contradiction (1031)
Virginity proof could not be of God (1660)
Virgin Mary and rape (248)
Virgins and volcanoes (1039)
Visions accepted as reality (2176)
Visions in Galilee started the Easter faith (1996)
Visual depiction of the Bible’s depravity (3082)
Visualizing the carnage ordered by God (1853)
Voice-activated healing requiring faith (2624)
Volume of criticism (1705)
Vlad the Impaler/Dracula are analogous to Jesus(1532)
War against Christianity… by Christians (724)
War between science and religion (2782)
Waiting at the bar (2353)
Wandering Jew (2916)
Was Jesus God or was he crazy? (2457)
Wasted space of the Bible (1919)
Watching your own movie with surprise (2963)
Way things happen (60)
Wealthier nations are less religious (760)
Weather (687)
Wedding at Cana problems (869)
‘We’ passages of Acts
Western values are not based on Christianity (1754)
Wet Monkey Theory (1860)
Why Christianity does not deserve respect (2626)
What Christianity doesn’t want (913)
What Christianity does to people (1120)
What Christianity has yet to prove (1493)
What Christians cannot consider (2292)
What Christians really believe (3271)
What if Christianity is true? (1450)
What if Jesus came today? (852)
What if you’re RIGHT? (451)
What is not extraordinary evidence (3100)
What is the overall effect of 2000 years of prayers? (804)
What it would take to convert an atheist (2112)
What Jesus believed (695)
What Jesus should have done to send a sign (417)
When did Jesus acquire his omnipotence?(723)
Where are the gods? (3059)
Where did Jesus go? (2910)
When did Jesus start his ministry? (1195)
Where God chose to appear (1946)
Whirlpool Galaxy (2583)
Who needs God? (1457)
Who needs gospels?  (1857)
Whose fault is it? (2166)
Who was the first person sent to hell? (1250)
Why anti-abortion Christians are ungodly (2647)
Why are Jesus’s disciples revered? (1041)
Why are there four gospels? (389)
Why Bible miracles should be dismissed (2611)
Why Christianity succeeded (3125)
Why Christians are strangled by their faith (2211)
Why connecting Jesus to the OT was necessary (2471)
Why did God wait so long to send Jesus (3188)
Why did Jesus leave the Earth so quickly?(801)
Why did Jesus pray? (2055)
Why did the biblical canon close when it did?  (1922)
Why do churches need gimmicks? (780)
Why does God no longer speak audibly (1509)
Why does Jesus need to return? (1243)
Why faith is not the answer (3120)
Why God allows churches to be destroyed (1633)
Why God does not show himself (767)
Why gods probably don’t exist (1972)
Why liberal Christianity fails (1874)
Why no written record ? (2123)
Why people invented religion (2679)
Why the Exodus makes no sense (1957)
Why the Old Testament is so brutal (2186)
Why wasn’t Jesus’s gift offered world wide? (396)
Why was the tomb open? (1073)
Widow’s mite (2070)
Wife-sister narratives (2675)
Will Jesus separate a mother from her children?
Wikipedia versus God (2451)
Wine and prophecy (1976)
Wishing replaces reason (1303)
Witch hunts used for recruitment (3204)
Witch trials (52)
Witch trial tests (3196)
Without Heaven Christianity would die (1230)
Without Hell Christianity would die (1231)
Wizard of Oz analogy (290)
World made for man (2116)
World more peaceful as it becomes more secular (1023)
World Press Freedom index (2779)
Worship desire (2783)
Worshiping a monster (2643)
Worst verses in the Bible (3136)
Woman’s promise needs father/husband approval (1356)
Women and livestock (2231)
Women cannot exert authority over men (676)
Women’s bodies were not designed by a creator (1168)
Women’s rights affected by forged epistles (217)
Wrath of God on tiny humans (2753)
World unbefitting a “perfect creator” (414)
Yahweh is not perfect (1523)
Yahweh and Ba’al (2544)
Yahweh and Satan’s hostage crisis (2738)
Yahweh as a lesser god (2874)
Yahweh chose the vent (3097)
Yahweh fails to communicate his uniqueness (3102)
Yahweh is not omnipotent (2362)
Yahweh is obsolete (2673)
Yahweh has no class (1881)
Yahweh hates pretty women (2525)
Yahweh’s evolution (1602)
Yahweh may have been created by a greater god  (2168)
Yahweh promotes pedophilia (3296)
Yahweh’s dog analogy (3279)
Yahweh’s jealousy disappeared (2805)
Yahweh’s wife (1191)
Yahweh, the next Zeus? (2459)
Yahweh, the sky god (1727)
Yahweh was a pimp (3227)
You say…God says (1497)
Your clone is not you (1375)
You must worship the ‘real’ cave digger (2844)
Young man symbolism (2246)
“You must not put God to the test” (425)
Zombie apocalypse (667)
Zero curiosity factor (2151)
Zero energy (3078)
Zoroaster invented Christianity (1025)