The Top 60 Reasons


3 ) Hell

5 ) Evil nature of god

6 ) Failure to return

16 ) God fails to give a clear message

45 ) Prayer

64 ) Allowing the holocaust

74 ) The irrational Jesus

131) Matthew the Rosetta stone of the resurrection

202) How belief in the resurrection originated

203) God hardens Pharaoh’s heart to show off

215) If you’re not a Jew you are not a follower of Jesus

225) Christian god is a random Israeli selection

264) The empty promise of heaven

282) Heaven is populated mostly by fetuses

289) Jesus gives answer opposite modern Christianity

290) The Wizard of Oz analogy

329) Evolution

335) Failure of unambiguous prayer

341) The absurdity of god watching everyone

353) Peronism

370) The Book of Acts is historical fiction

393) The car analogy

458) Eusebius- the great forger

501) The randomness test for god

532) Lisbon earthquake and the birth of atheism

541) Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross was a sham

542) Jesus did not overturn the Temple tables

551) The three men who made Christianity

561) Euhemerism

598) Christianity- the missing evidence

600) Christianity- the big picture

617) A real god wouldn’t make petty rules

630) The Adam bomb

663) The most absurd belief of Christianity

677) God requires the spilling of blood to forgive

718) The folly of marrying Genesis with science

734) Galaxy collision belies a designer

739) The cumulative effect of prayer is zilch

755) Evolution of Judeo-Christian polytheism

788) Haile Selassie and Rastafarianism

794) The sad tale of the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit)

849) Dan Barker’s challenge

853) If the Jews didn’t believe, why should we?

868) Evidence that we do not survive death

870) Romulus/Jesus parallel

881) The Gospel of John is fiction

892) Important events reported in only one gospel

897) Probability that Christianity is true

942) If Christianity is false, what should we see?

949) Kissing Hank’s Ass

956) Sabbatai Zevi

963) The five-fold challenge

998) John the Baptist- the Rosetta Stone

1017) Christianity can only exist if it’s false 

1079) Lazarus from Luke to John

1121) Jesus did not take the sinner’s punishment

1238) Jesus ben Ananias and the 21 paralells

1398) Christianity must concede some obvious truths